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Gonorrhea: Symptoms and Treatment

Gonorrhea: Symptoms and Treatment

Gonorrhea (gonorrhea) - a sexually transmitted disease.

Called it a microbe gonococcus.

Gonorrhea is a sexual infection. Because the main route of infection is considered to be sexual intercourse.

Although medicine there are cases where people become infected with other household waste.

Characterized gonorrhea lesions of the mucous membrane of the genitourinary system.

Microbe gonococcus has a short life cycle. But, despite this, the consumer way of gonorrhea infection can not be excluded. Most often this is due to the complete lack of personal hygiene, household close contacts between children and parents. Also, there are cases when the infection enters the eye because of their contact with hands contaminated with secretions from infected genitals.

Symptoms of gonorrhea

The earliest symptoms of gonorrhea beginto appear three days after infection. In men, there is a sensation of heat and burning in front of the urethra. At the same time the pain begin to grow during urination. Discharge at first scarce, but after a few days their numbers greatly increased, they become a thick yellowish-green color. Often starts pus. If gonorrhea is not treated, the infection will go to adjacent organs and take a prolonged duration that lead to chronic disease.

Unlike men, women have acute perioddisease goes unnoticed. Therefore, many of the fair half of mankind are not even aware that they are hidden gonorrhea bacteria carriers. Among the symptoms of the disease in women can be identified copious yellowish vaginal discharge, a burning sensation in the genital area, frequent urination and pain during it, as well as bleeding that occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

However, all these symptoms disappear quickly and the woman,reassured, he continues to lead a normal life, while ignoring the need for treatment to the doctor. Meanwhile, the infection begins to spread to adjacent organs that ultimately leads to infertility.

Treatment of gonorrhea

The basis of treatment of gonorrhea are antibioticspenicillin group. Apart from these, patients with gonorrhea appointed adjuvants to enhance the immunity of the body, which helps it to fight the infection, autohemotherapy, by which is meant a transfusion of blood from a vein, mud baths, electrophoresis.

To achieve success in the treatment of gonorrhea onlywith proper use of antibiotics, immunotherapy and topical treatment. During treatment, the patient should follow a diet to exclude intensive physical activity, and to refuse sex.

Due to the fact that no immunity in gonorrheaIt is generated after the treatment must be extremely careful. Therefore it is necessary to completely eliminate from your life casual sex. And in order to prevent the penetration of the microbe in the genitals, it is necessary to use condoms.

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