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TRIPPER: Symptoms and Treatment


Tripper: symptoms and treatment </a>

Tripper (gonorrhea) is a venereal disease.

It is caused by a microbial gonococcus.

Tripper is a sexual infection. Therefore the main way of infection is sexual intercourse.

Although medicine knows cases when a person was infected by domestic methods.

Characterized by gonorrhea lesions of the mucous membrane of the genitourinary system.

The gonococcal microbe has a short life cycle. But, in spite of this, the everyday way of infection with gonorrhea can not be ruled out. Most often this is due to the complete lack of personal hygiene items, close household contacts between children and parents. There are also cases when the infection gets into the eyes because of their contact with the hands, contaminated with secretions from infected genitalia.

Symptoms of gonorrhea

The very first symptoms of gonorrhea beginManifest themselves three days after infection. Men experience a feeling of heat and burning in the anterior part of the urethra. In this case, pain begins to increase during urination. Allocations are initially meager, but after a couple of days their number increases significantly, they become dense yellowish-green in color. Often pus begins to stand out. If the gonorrhea is not treated, the infection will pass to neighboring organs and take a prolonged course, which will lead to a chronic form of the disease.

Unlike men, women have an acute periodIllness proceeds imperceptibly. Therefore, many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity do not even realize that they are the latent bacterium carriers of the gonorrhea. Among the symptoms of the disease in women can be distinguished abundant discharge of yellowish color from the vagina, burning in the genital area, frequent urge to urinate and pain during it, as well as bleeding that occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

But all these symptoms pass quickly and a woman,Calms down, continues to lead a normal lifestyle, ignoring the need to consult a doctor. And at this time, the infection begins to spread to neighboring organs, which ultimately leads to infertility.

Treatment of gonorrhea

At the basis of the treatment of gonorrhea are antibioticsGroup of penicillin. In addition, patients with gonorrhea are prescribed immunostimulants to increase the body's immunity, which helps him to fight infection, autohemotherapy, which means blood transfusion from the vein, mud baths, electrophoresis.

Achieve success in the treatment of gonorrhea is possible onlyWith the correct use of antibiotics, immunotherapy and local treatment. During treatment, the patient must follow a diet, exclude active physical activity and refuse sexual intercourse.

In connection with the fact that with tripper immunity is notIs developed, after treatment it is necessary to be extremely cautious. Therefore, it is necessary to completely exclude casual sex from one's life. And to prevent the penetration of the microbe into the genitals, it is necessary to use condoms.

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