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GOLDEN HAYES: take care of the home doctor


Golden mustache: take care of the home doctor</a>

Golden mustache - unpretentious houseplant, withThe cultivation of which even an absolutely inexperienced florist can cope. He does not make special demands for care and has a huge amount of medicinal properties.

Thanks to this, the golden mustache is a welcome and expensive guest in the house.

The golden mustache likes bright, diffused light. The ideal location for its location is the west, east, south-east or south-west window. The plant categorically does not tolerate direct sunlight, so on particularly hot days try to pritenyat it. In case of insufficient illumination, the stem of the green healer becomes very thin, and the leaves become pale. In this case, you will come to the aid of daylight lamps. If the plant feels comfortable, its stem and leaves become a light lilac shade.

A golden mustache is very fond of warmth. The optimum temperature in summer is about 22-25 degrees, and in winter - 12-15 degrees. However, the plant can safely do without a winter temperature drop.

Watering golden mustaches is necessary abundantly both in summer and in winter, especially if it is in normal conditions. If the hibernation takes place in a cool place, the intake of moisture can be reduced.

It is very important to maintain high humidityAir. If the plant is not sprayed, the tips of its leaves will begin to dry and become brown. To ensure a constant level of humidity, put the pot on a wet pebble or moss.

With proper care in winter, the golden mustache can blossom. His flowers are not spectacular: they are too small and unattractive.

Transplant the plant every year, whileIncrease the size of the pot by a few centimeters. The soil should be nutritious and with the addition of a small amount of pure river sand. Usually the transplant is carried out in the spring, but the golden mustache is equally well established at any time of the year.

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