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Golden mustache: take care of the home healer

Golden mustache: take care of the home healer

Golden mustache - undemanding houseplant, withwhich is growing to handle even very inexperienced grower. It does not impose specific requirements for care and has a large number of medicinal properties.

This golden mustache is a welcome and dear guest in the house.

Golden mustache loves bright ambient light. The ideal place to host it is a western, eastern, south-east or south-west window. The plant is categorically not tolerate direct sunlight, so in particularly hot days, pritenyat try it. In low light green stalk doctor becomes very thin, and the leaves become pale coloration. In this case, you can get help from fluorescent lights. If the plant feels comfortable, his stem and leaves are a light purple hue.

Golden mustache loves the heat. The optimal summer temperature is about 22-25 degrees, and in winter - 12-15 degrees. However, the plant can safely do without the winter decrease in temperature.

Watering golden mustache should be abundant in both summer and winter, especially if it is in normal conditions. If hibernation takes place in a cool place, moisture ingress can be reduced.

It is important to maintain high humidityair. If the plant is not sprayed, the tips of its leaves begin to dry and will get brown. To ensure a constant level of humidity, put a pot on the wet pebbles or moss.

With the right care in the winter golden mustache can bloom. Its flowers are not spectacular nature are different: they are too small and inconspicuous.

Repot the plant should be every year, at the same timeincrease the size of the pot for a few centimeters. The primer must be supplemented with a nutrient and a small amount of clean river sand. Usually transplants carried out in the spring, but the golden mustache equally well take root in any season.

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