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The small village of Palekh is located in the Ivanovo region.

Its population currently stands at a little more than 7 thousand people, but only a tenth of the population is engaged in artistic painting.

This Palekh is famous not only in Russia but also worldwide.

The history of Palekh

The origins of Palekh painting chargesVladimir-Suzdal land in ancient Russia. It has long been famous for the locals for his ability to paint icons. Their iconography works adorn many temples. In addition to traditional iconography, the township population was to try yourself in monumental painting, taking part in the restoration and painting of churches and cathedrals. These murals on biblical themes and today decorate the vaults of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, Novodevichy Convent, the Faceted Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin. After the October Revolution, during the struggle with religion Palekh masters were forced to move away from their traditional stories and created a co-operative of Palekh art.

How to create a lacquered miniature

Palekh lacquer miniature drawn on papier-mache tempera. Commonly used for painting pre-made brooches, jewelry boxes, egg capsules, boxes, panels, trays and so on.

To create Palekh miniature,you first need to make papier-mache. This is done using cardboard and glue. When the foundation of the future product is ready, it is opened with several layers of lacquer, each layer must be dried in an oven. Only after that the master can begin the process of painting.

All the colors that are used for paintingPalekh artists create products according to old recipes. It is composed of natural minerals, pounded with egg yolk, adding vinegar and water. Besides the work on the miniature is not possible without the finest squirrel brushes.

Peculiarities of Palekh articles

The art style of Palekh masterscharacterized by a smooth and delicate pattern on a black background. Here there are plenty of fine gold tie, refined silhouettes clarity, high density pattern, which can completely cover the product. Decorative landscape, elegant proportions of the human figures, colors of green, red and yellow flowers taken by artists from ancient iconography. The whole composition is usually made by the author in the finest gold ornament.

The most famous products of Palekhcaskets and cases are different sizes and shapes. Another local artists paint portraits, postcards and icons. In addition, special emphasis on souvenirs - lacquered panels, ashtrays, brooches and pins, which are a great gift, despite the rather high price. The main theme of products Palekh artists are characters of Russian folk tales and fairy tales, ancient rites, folklore and types of the unique nature of Russia.

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