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Gold earrings with amber

Golden earrings with amber

Now gold earrings with amber are back in fashion.

This decoration could easily fit into the collections of many fashion houses.

At the same time, these earrings with the new design became really stylish novelty.

They are able to emphasize the feminine elegance, blended in any way.

Types amber earrings in gold

A variety of models amber earrings can not fail to please fashionistas. Any girl can choose for your image. Golden earrings with amber can be:

  • as gvozdikov-
  • podveskami-
  • rings with amber vkrapleniyami-
  • chandeliers.

Some models of earrings - it's a big stoneirregular shape in gold. Interestingly enough look earrings in the form of deposits of small stones. Such models are often further decorated with other stones, not only amber.

How to choose gold earrings with amber

First of all, pay attention to the stone. Natural amber color transparent red or wax, well passes through a light. Often amber hue varies from brown to whitish. Golden earrings with amber can be a pleasant milky creamy - such stones are more valuable, because it tells about its exclusivity! But keep in mind - too much white stone - a sign of the presence of chalk, therefore, the stone is not very high quality.

Not to buy instead of the original fake,take to the store a piece of natural wool. Rub earrings with amber hair - on the stone remained villi? Then he was a natural. In addition, with the invisible part of the hook can be a stone with a sharp object - the original stone will crumble, fake - sheared. Of course, it is not necessary to use this test method with expensive jewelry, you can damage them.

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