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How to enter the foreign market


How to enter the foreign market</a>

If for European and North American countriesDoing business on global platforms is a common practice (Ebay, Facebook), then Russian companies serve, primarily, local consumers.

Entering the foreign market is a serious step, which should be treated with a high degree of responsibility.



For many companies, the main difficulty isthe language barrier. The transnational language of business communication is English. The site and basic text materials should be translated into a language that is understandable to foreigners. The firm may need a full-time translator or freelancer to resolve issues of communication with customers. The head of the company and leading managers, too, should seriously approach this issue - enroll in trainings or go abroad, immerse themselves in the language environment.


Creating international contacts and forms of feedbackCommunication is one of the most important items. Otherwise, the company simply will not be able to receive requests from potential foreign clients. The simplest form of feedback is the form of sending a message to the company's e-mail box. Programmers (both full-time employees and hired individuals) will quickly and inexpensively help you with the request form.


If you can offer users of yourSite new free service, conversion (the ratio of the percentage of sales to the total number of visitors) will noticeably grow. Examples of such services are calculators for cutting material, weight of cargo - for design firms it can be services for creating an interior. The more useful your website, the more recognizable your brand will be abroad.


The problem of time zone difference can be difficultHit a small company. By the time your working day ends, in America and Europe it can only begin. Conservative way: hire a manager who will sit on the phone while waiting for calls from foreign countries. The downside of this approach will be low efficiency and high cost of "customer-oriented".


There is also an alternative solution - you can transferCommunication with foreign clients on outsourcing. There are call centers, which for a small fee will receive calls and inform marketing information. Tariffs can be either fixed subscriber's, or with payment for the result.


Opening an office abroad can seriously increaseYour status, but will bring you tangible costs. It is more profitable to find a partner who will look for clients for a percentage of sales. This will motivate him, in addition, you will receive your "affiliate" for free.


You will need high-quality lawyers, accountants andLogistics specialists. International law has a lot of pitfalls, transport and customs costs are high. Calculate your profitability in advance, taking into account possible risks. Perhaps, international business, for all its status, will be unprofitable for you.

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