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How to enter the foreign market

How to enter the foreign market

If the European and North American countriesdoing business in the global markets is a common practice (Ebay, Facebook), the Russian company's service in the first place, local consumers.

Access to foreign markets is an important step, which should be treated with a high degree of responsibility.



the main challenge for many companies isthe language barrier. Transnational business language is English. The site and the basic text materials should be translated into plain language for foreigners. The firm may need a staff translator or freelancer to address the issues of communication with customers. The head of the company and the leading managers also should get serious about this issue - sign up for training or travel abroad, to dive into the language environment.


Establishment of international contacts and feedback formCommunications - one of the most important points. Otherwise, the company will be unable to receive inquiries from potential overseas customers. The simplest option performs feedback form send a message to the electronic mailbox of the company. Programmers (both full-time and hired by the piece), quickly and inexpensively help you with the request form.


If you can offer your usersnew site free service, the conversion (the percentage of sales to the total number of visitors) will grow significantly. Examples of such services are calculators cutting material weight cargo- for design firms it may be services on the creation of the interior. The more useful your website, the more will be your recognizable brand abroad.


The problem of the difference in time zones can be difficulthit the small company. By the time your time will have time to finish, in America and Europe, it can only begin. Conservative Trek: hire a manager who will sit on the phone waiting for calls from foreign countries. The downside of this approach would be the low efficiency and high cost of "customer focus".


There is an alternative - you can passCommunication with foreign clients on outsourcing. There are call centers, which for a small fee will take calls and selling the information to report. Rates are subject to a fixed subscriber and pay-per-result.


The opening of an office abroad can seriously increaseyour status, but will bring you tangible costs. Cheaper to find a companion, who will find clients for a percentage of sales. This will be his motivirovat- besides you get your "branch" for free.


You will need high-quality lawyers, accountants andlogistics specialists. International law has a lot of stones underwater transport and customs costs are high. Calculate profitability in advance, taking into account possible risks. Perhaps, international business, in spite of his status would be unprofitable for you.

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