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How to go to Germany

How to travel to Germany

Travel to Germany - not uncommon among the Russian population.

Problems with a visit to the European country, as a rule, does not arise.

Much more difficult to go to Germany for permanent or temporary (permanent) residence.

You will need

  • - Regular passport,
  • - Foreign (if any, and the previously issued passport)
  • - 3 photo for documents,
  • - Certificate confirming your employment,
  • - Extract from the bank account that you have sufficient funds to stay on the territory of the European Union,
  • - Tickets,
  • - Insurance,
  • - Profile.



Germany - European Union member, and because of itsa visit is necessary to issue a Schengen visa. This document gives the German consulate. To obtain a Schengen visa need to provide: a regular passport, a foreign (if available, and the previously issued passport), 3 photo for documents, a certificate confirming your employment and bank account statement showing that you have sufficient funds to within the territory of the European Union. To date, the amount of money that should be placed on the current account is calculated on the basis of 60 euros for each day of stay. Grant will have tickets, insurance policy form. Armed with a passport, a visa and a suitcase, can be sent to Germany.


Moved to Germany for permanent residence can be of tworeasons: a change of nationality and resettlement. Recognized ethnic German settlers, who after 1992 resided in the territory of the Baltic States and the former Soviet Union.


Get Antrag. This document, which is issued to the citizen in person by virtue of his birth certificate at the German Embassy. Antrag need to fill out and submit the documents specified in the memo attached to it. Experience has shown that citizens are allowed a significant number of errors in completing and preparation of documents, and therefore it makes sense to apply to companies that provide services on registration.


After checking your documents likelyyou are invited to Shprakh test (proficiency test). If you have passed the test and received a positive decision on entry into the territory of Germany, you will need to issue a Schengen visa and a passport marked "for departure for permanent residence."

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