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How to go to Austria

How to go to Austria

Austria - the Alps, ski resorts, imperial Vienna, Danube, chocolate and coffee. Each of the nine regions of Austria worth a visit and a separate story.

To speak about this country can be infinite, but it is best to witness it.

How to get to this wonderful country?



Develop a travel itinerary, it will helpeffectively spend time travel. About sights of Austria, you can talk for hours. You can play sports all year round at the ski resorts, and treatment - all year to receive treatment. Austria is famous for its mud, thermal and mineral springs. Be sure to visit Vienna, which will enjoy the largest museum complex in Europe - Muzeumskvarte.


Think about what time of year is best to go. Austria is open to tourists all year round. Summers are warm and winters are mild.


Select transport. To get to Austria can be on a plane to Vienna International Airport. «Aeroflot», «Austrian Airlines» carried out daily flights to Austria Moscow and other major Russian cities. By train, car or bus to Austria, can be reached by transit through Poland and the Czech Republic.


Search a hotel. In Austria, you can find accommodation to suit all tastes: a youth hostel will cost 10 euros per day in pension - 40 euros, in a nice hotel - 80 euros per night, the prestigious hotel - 130 and more per day. Room rates vary depending on the season. For tourists and private pensions, rural houses and a number of official camping sites.


Now take care of the visa. To obtain provide the Consular Section of the Embassy of Austria documents: a valid passport and a photocopy of it, a completed application form, two colored photos 3,5x4,5 cm, hotel reservations, copy of tickets, a certificate from the employer on company letterhead indicating the positions, seniority, salary , a bank statement, a copy of medical insurance with coverage of at least 30,000 euros, the invitation of the Austrian side (in the case of a private visit). Consular fee of 35 euros.
Formalities over, you can meet in the way

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