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How to go to the computer via the Internet

How to go to the computer via the Internet

There are situations when you need someoneIt explains how one or another program, or a website, but pass all the action words is difficult. You can help the inexperienced user, if it is, and you install the TeamViewer software.

It allows you to see on another computer desktop screen and use it as its own with the mouse and keyboard.

You will need

  • Free TeamViewer software.
  • You may need to RAdmin program (for transferring files).



TeamViewer? the program is free, if not used for commercial purposes. Download it on both computers (http://www.teamviewer.com) And set the option when you install? Personal / non-commercial use ?.
The computer server is the main computer to which the connection will be made. A client? a computer with which there is a call to connect.


Run the program after installation, and findCount? ID ?. It is your personal identification number (PID), which the program automatically assigns a PC. In the field? Password? It is the password. Password is generated automatically each time the program is started and every time? new.


After starting the program on the server, run iton the client. In the lower part of the program should be a phrase? Ready to connect ?. If the phrase appeared, the server tells the client its data (? ID? And? Password?) Any communication channel.
A user who is a computer-enter the customer? ID? in the right part of the program, indicating the item? Remote support? and shakes? Connect to partner ?.


After a few seconds, depending on the speedConnection, the client computer will be prompted to enter a password. After entering, you will see the desktop of the second computer and can manage them through the shell Windows.

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