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How to go for permanent residence in Europe

How to go for permanent residence in Europe

Who in Russia to live well?

If you often ask such questions andenviously read and watch TV shows on the European sweet life, perhaps it is time to major changes. To leave for permanent residence in Europe, not enough to simply collect your bags and buy airline tickets one way.

Required months of preparation and the collection of the necessary documents.



Immigration programs Europe enough, they all derive from the immigrationthe laws of a country. In order to get a residence permit in Europe, it is necessary to get the official purpose of the stay. In most cases, a long-term study or work, participation in business, marriage to a citizen of the European Union or an alien-owner of permanent / residence permit or refugee status.


Once you have decided on the country andthe purpose of your stay, you need to sit down and thoroughly study the immigration laws of the country. For example, if you want to live in Prague and do business there, you need to sit down and the Russian-language forums from the former CIS, or to hire a consultant versed in immigration to the Czech Republic.


Having all the necessary information about the openingbusiness, university or by the employer, it's time to start collecting the necessary documents. Call the nearest consulate of the country of your choice and find out what documents are required for registration of the first long-term visa to visit your goal. Having the list of documents, you will know where to go.


Enlisting the help of experts, either having gone tothe country on a tourist visa on their own, organize everything you need in place. Pass the entrance examination to university, open a company, go through an interview with the employer, or to marry. In some cases, your presence is not required, for example, if an employer is very interested in you as a specialist and agree to execute all documents independently.


After collecting all the necessary papers, go toConsulate to apply for a visa. After feeding is to wait (in some cases more than 4 months) and hope for the best result. After receiving the visa, you can safely begin to pack your bags and plan your life in your new home.


Arriving in the country, you will need to live there for several years, so that in the end, to apply for coveted permanent. That's it, now you almost citizen of the European Union.

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