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Glass beaker in decoupage technique

The glass beaker in decoupage technique

If you have the desire to embellish an ordinary glass beaker, then use the technique of decoupage. This technique sticking napkins.

Although it sounds strange, but it looks very interesting and original.

You will need

  • - A glass beaker or kruzhka-
  • - Sandwich salfetki-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - acrylic lacquer-
  • - acrylic paints-
  • - Brush.



Prepare all the necessary toiletries. Degrease the glass dish detergent or glass cleaner.


Cut is not very wide band of cloth. If a glass with a pen, then such that it passes through the hole. Remove the white layers of tissue.


Apply cloth to the glass. Then with a brush, apply the acrylic paint on cloth from the center to the sides lightly. Do not press strongly the brush, it can tear a napkin. When Apply varnish, slightly lift the cloth so that it stretched and formed folds.


Cut out napkin circle diameter equal to the diameter of the bottom of the cup. Separate the layers of white cloth.


Attach a range of face to the glass bottom. Apply varnish.


Allow varnish to dry.


Over wipes, apply white paint to drawing on the other hand was brighter. Then apply the paint in the color of the glass. When the paint has dried, cover it again with varnish.


Completely cover glass varnish. Wait until completely dry, and then cover with another layer of lacquer. After the final drying your mug is ready. It can be washed and used in everyday life.

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