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How to give yourself a "kick"?

The first days after the goal-setting motivation is at a height.

I want to do everything, and the energy level is at a maximum.

But after a few days, life is again slipping into a routine, and sloth comes out on top.

How to avoid this condition and give a "kick"?



Create a "map desires" that will maintain your level of motivation. Place on it the image of your ideal future. It can be both goals and dreams.


Write a list of your previous achievements. This will allow you to understand what you have already achieved a lot, so the next step will not be so difficult.


Draw your way to the goal. Specify the starting point and the point of the final result. Write the main event, which will meet you on the way and keep a track on what area you are.


Write yourself epitaph. Imagine that you are on your own funeral and listening to everything you say about the relatives and close people. Try to understand what you want to hear. Let's say you want your children to have said that you were a good father. Then try to become such a man.


Every day remind yourself of the main goal. For what you are aiming for the intermediate result? Then you get up in the morning? You must clearly represent an ideal picture to which you aspire.


Immerse yourself in the environment of successful people. They will constantly pull you along, and thus abandon the goal will be virtually impossible.

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