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Girls and a gym: destroying popular myths


Since the beginning of spring, an increasing number of girlsThinks about the soonest possible putting his figure in order after the winter period. Someone goes on a diet, someone is at home, someone prefers a gym.

Girls and a gym: destroying popular myths

The gym is a great assistant inForming a beautiful, harmonious and tight figure, giving it relief and drawing muscles. However, many representatives of the fair sex are afraid of exercising on the simulators, thinking that as a result they will receive a massive body of a bodybuilder.

To prevent this, it is necessary to dispelThe most popular and well-known myths. The most important of them is that exercises with weights contribute to rapid muscle growth. Here it is important to remember that serious muscle growth is achieved by rupturing the muscle fibers and increasing new ones, i.e., due to microtrauma in the muscle tissue. To achieve this, you can only work with a very large weight - about 100 kg. If the girl came to the gym to bring the figure in order, then she will conduct classes with a small or medium weight. Therefore, the pumped muscles of the legs or back do not threaten it.

In addition, for fast and effective muscleGrowth is necessary to maintain a balanced protein diet, as well as eating special foods designed for sports nutrition - protein cocktails, etc. With proper healthy diet and regular exercise, you can only pump up muscles a little, but not increase them in volume.

An important aspect is the observance of drinkingMode during training. Therefore, the girls who decided to start visiting the gym should not neglect drinking during classes to avoid dehydration and premature fatigue. Best for these purposes is suitable for drinking water.

The training mode is also important. Do not do it every day, the muscles need time to recover and rest. It is best to alternate between different muscle groups on different days. For example, one day to focus on the muscles of the legs and the press, the other - the hands and back.

With a competent approach to training and dieting, the gym will help to find a feminine fit and beautiful figure for any fair sex.

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