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WHAT to give a guy for the New Year



Very soon there will come a wonderful holiday - the New Year, and everyone expects from it the fulfillment of desires and, of course, magic.

The approaching of this day undoubtedly brings to life the bright changes and adds pleasant troubles.

You will need

  • Of course, below will not listGifts that should be given to the guy, because that would be pretty silly. Below is what qualities a gift should have and what rules need to be taken into account, so that your loved one likes it.



Relevance. Before you buy a free snowboard, make sure that the young man loves to play sports, and does not spend most of his time writing plays on the piano. After all, a gift is not only attention, it shows how well people feel each other.


Taboo. Having dealt with the sphere of interest of the guy, remember: you can not give stabbing and cutting objects, as well as personal hygiene items (perfume does not count). Such gifts are considered bad form.


Versatility. To gifts that like any guy include various gadgets, they just adore the technical stuff, and it remains only to choose what he will like. Melomanu - a music player, an athlete - a pedometer, a creative person will suit a video camera. Such a gift can not only surprise a guy, but also leave a part of himself in his life.


Miracle. Strange as it may seem, even severe guys sometimes need a small miracle, so it's worth to make a gift with your own hands, in addition to the main gift, and as a basic gift, this can show your uniqueness and aweful attitude towards the person. After all, investing in the gift of the soul is much more difficult than paying for the purchase at the checkout.

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