WHAT to give to the girl


One of the philosophers said that the girl's natureVery delicate matter, comparable only to the petal of a freshly cut rose. It is because of the fragility and changeability of the nature of young people, the question: "What to give a girl?", Will never lose its relevance.

After all, they are always aware of all the fashion trends and last year's surprise they will not be surprised.



Nature is so arranged that the girls do not createOnly kind and sensitive, but also a little bit proud. To make a nice girl, it's enough just to evaluate her personality. In this case, it is worth paying attention to her name. No lady will not leave indifferent a bouquet of flowers, which are identified by her horoscope with her name.


Of course, you will not surprise anybody with a box of sweets andNot rejoice. But the help comes numerous pastry shops, the original gift will be a cake with its name or an inscription clear only to the two of you. Sophistication of this gift can add a box with an ornament, hidden in a cake. Enthusiastic exclamations are provided. By the way the price of making an exclusive cake varies from 200 to 600 rubles / kg.


For girls, it's flattering when their external dataHighly appreciated, and the gifted professional photo session will be the best reinforcement to any praises. The opportunity to feel like a supermodel positively affects the mood of a beautiful woman. In addition, looking through the photos, the girl will thankfully remember the donor. The coupon for such a photo shoot is better to search on different sites with discounts, and for the amount of discount to buy a bouquet of flowers.


There are things that you can not give to girls, onlyIf she does not ask. Such things include pets (suddenly allergies), certificates for beauty salons (a hint that the girl is not good), invitations to gyms (problems with the figure), as well as perfume (it's really better to give a certificate). If you really want to give the girl a holiday, then the best thing is a certificate in the spa-salon or massage.

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