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WHAT to give a guy


Men always surprise women, sometimes it's impossible to understand how a harsh man gets along with a tender and romantic woman.

It is because of this versatile development of the question: "What to give a guy?", It is simply impossible to answer without special instructions.

You will need

  • To your man was pleased with the choice of a gift, you need to consider many factors. Consider the main ones:



With the fact that guys always remain children no one hasDoes not argue. Toys for them can be found in special online stores, they all resemble one another and contain various self-defense items, hunting and fishing gear, gadgets, as well as premium accessories for men. Since they invented these stores men, the chance to make mistakes is rapidly approaching zero.


Feelings of humor guys do not hold, and therefore oneFrom the most original gifts for them there will be something funny. For example, a grunting piggy bank or a coughing ashtray, as well as a diary with an engraved favorite sports club will long amuse the guy. Pleasant little things are better to combine with something weighty, because men are still materialists. The cost of a gift directly shows the attitude towards the gifted.


A gift for a guy should be necessary. The easiest way is to give a tool, for example, a screwdriver, a drill or a jackhammer. Such a gift will please the guy, it's a thing for a real man, the owner of the house.


Care must be taken to choose clothesFor a guy as a gift. Not only can you not guess with the coloring, you can also buy the wrong size, and thereby spoil the whole surprise. If the guy is very close, then there is one iron variant - a good thermal underwear. The thing is very necessary and it is impossible to make a mistake - it is very good.

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