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WHAT to present to a colleague for his birthday


What to give to a colleague for his birthday</a>

There is a tradition in friendly collectives, according to which it is customary to congratulate their colleagues on their birthday and other significant events.

However, when choosing a gift, sometimes you have to work hard.

What to give to a colleague on his birthday

Colleagues are usually given neutralGifts, not too personal plan. If a person works for a long time, and the relations in the team are rather close, you can find out from the birthday person in advance what exactly he would like to receive as a gift. It is important that all employees receive gifts for approximately the same amount, so that later there is no discord in the team.

Exceptions can be anniversaries, congratulations on the marriage and the birth of a child.

A good gift for a woman can be some kind ofSmall household appliances - a multivark, a double boiler, an iron, a blender, a coffee machine, a pressure cooker or a mixer. A man can give a set of tools, a flask, binoculars. If the birthday boy has a car, you can give him a navigator, a radio tape recorder, a video recorder or any other accessory for his vehicle.

However, before choosing such a gift, you have to make sure that this birthday name is not yet available and that it really is necessary for him.

Well, if you know the hobbiesBirthday, then you can give him exactly the gift that you will like. If a man has a hobby - fishing, he will surely be happy with the new fishing rod or wobblers. If his hobby is computers, you can pick up a new computer gadget - a heaped keyboard, joystick, memory card, disk with a new program. Art lovers will be happy with the new book. At all times, tickets for a concert remain a good gift, but in this case you should give two tickets so that the birthday person can attend the event with his second half. A woman can be happy to have a set of quality dishes or a set. It is good to give gifts with engraving on memory.
The most universal gift is usually consideredmoney. Often the enterprise has a tradition of collecting money for gifts to birthday people. Each month, employees give a certain amount, and then they congratulate the birthday person on this money. Well, when the administration is also involved in this process and adds a certain amount to the gift.

Organization of congratulations

Any person is pleased with the attention. So it's good when on your birthday employee is surrounded by attention from colleagues. You can buy balloons and decorate their office. A good idea is a congratulation, posted in a prominent place. In it you can write warm words and wishes in a poetic form, brightly decorate and even draw a friendly cartoon. The tradition to hang such congratulations helps colleagues not to forget about the employee's birthday and congratulate him on time.
Of course, an important addition to the gift is a bouquet of flowers. It's nice when employees do not get the same flowers every time, but each time the bouquet is picked up individually.

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