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What to give a colleague a birthday

What to give a colleague a birthday

The friendly team there is a tradition that is accepted to congratulate their colleagues on his birthday and other significant events.

However, when choosing a gift sometimes you have to work hard.

What to give to a colleague's birthday

Co-workers decided to give neutralgifts, not too personal plan. If a person works for a long time, and relations in the team close enough, you can find out in advance at the birthday that he would like to receive as a gift. It is important that all employees receive gifts for roughly the same amount that then arose discord in the team.

The exception may be anniversaries, congratulations on the marriage and the birth of the child.

A good gift for a woman can be somesmall household appliances - multivarka, pressure cooker, iron, blender, coffee maker, pressure cooker and mixer. A man can give a set of tools, a flask, binoculars. If the birthday boy got a car, you can give him a navigator, radio, video recorder, or any other accessory to his vehicle.

However, the choice of such a gift, you must make sure that this thing is not even from the birthday and she really needed it.

Well, if you know dragbirthday, then you can give him exactly the gift that will appeal. If a man has a hobby - fishing, he will certainly be glad of a new fishing rod or crank. If his hobby - computers, you can pick up a new computer gadget - heaped keyboard, joystick, memory card drive with the new program. Art lovers will be excited about the new book. At all times remain good gift tickets for the concert, but in this case, giving a pair of tickets to the birthday boy was able to attend the event with his second half. A woman may be happy to set quality dishes or the service. Good to give gifts engraved in memory.
The most universal gift is considered to bemoney. Often, the company wound up the tradition of collecting money for the birthday gifts. Each month, employees pass a certain amount, and the money then congratulate birthday. Well, when the administration is also involved in this process and adds a certain amount to the present.

congratulations Organization

Any person pleased with the attention. So well, when an employee is surrounded by attention from colleagues on his birthday. You can buy balloons and decorate their office. A good idea is a greeting, posted in a prominent place. It is possible to write the kind words and wishes in verse form, brightly decorate and even draw a friendly cartoon. The tradition of such posting congratulations helps colleagues not to forget about the employee's birthday and to congratulate him on time.
Of course, an important addition to gift a bouquet of flowers. It's nice when the staff do not get the same color every time, and every time the bouquet selected individually.

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