IDEAS of birthday gifts

Gift Ideas for Birthday</a>

Birthday is a special holiday for every person.

What to give, so that a person liked and was not unnecessary.



"Standard" gifts: flowers, sweets, perfumes, soft toys, souvenirs. Standard - does not mean that bad. In addition, such gifts can serve as a supplement to something original.


Money is usually given to close relatives. Or those who are very difficult to please with a gift. In addition, there are people who ask to give them money, and they will independently buy what they need. To the actual presentation was a little more interesting - you can write on the envelope, for example: "for a trip to Paris" or "on a new sofa."


One of the most useful and functional gifts. On the other hand, if you buy a microwave oven, a mixer or a refrigerator, you give it not specifically to a person, but to his whole family. Usually it is customary to give such gifts to relatives when you know for sure that this item is needed and has not been bought by yourself. Well, the romantics, waiting for a miracle, is unlikely to be pleased with the vacuum cleaner as a gift.


Interior items.
It can be decorative vases, beautiful dishes, paintings, bedspreads or bed linens. In this case, you need to know the taste of the birthday person very well.


Gift certificates.
A perfect gift for a girl - a certificate inSpa, shop cosmetics or underwear. Certificates are distributed to restaurants, clothing stores and bookstores. The only negative - on the gift will be indicated its cost.


Subscription to the gym.
A smart gift, if only the birthday boy does not have such a subscription and there is even a small desire to start a "new life".


Tickets to the theater or to a concert. One ticket can not get off here, since it is customary to go to such places with the company. Therefore, it is better to give two tickets so that the birthday person can invite someone, and hope that he will invite you.


Individual souvenirs.
You can make a custom mug, glasses, T-shirt and even a cake with any inscription or photograph.


Something made by own hands.
It can be, for example, a toy or cookies of own preparation in a beautiful package. Such a souvenir will be an excellent addition to the "money" gift.


This is not necessarily geranium (although you can give it). On sale there are beautiful big yuccas and dracenas, which will decorate any interior.


A "generic" gift.
If you go on a birthday party companyYou can agree and give one gift from everyone. After all, in this case, you can buy something more substantial, after making sure that it was about this dreaming birthday.


What is not customary to give.
Linen, tights, cosmetics are only given to close people.
To give a watch, a towel, knives, pearls, a mirror is a bad omen.
What "hints" at the age, for example a cream from wrinkles (even if it is very expensive).
What can somehow offend a person. Be very careful with "humorous" gifts.

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