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Gift Ideas for birthday

Birthday - a special day for everyone.

What to give to a person liked and was not unnecessary.



"Standard" gifts: flowers, chocolates, perfumes, stuffed animals, souvenirs. Standard - does not mean that bad. Moreover, such gifts can serve as a supplement to something original.


Money is usually given to close relatives. Or those who are very difficult to please with a gift. Besides, there are people who themselves are asked to give them money, they buy on their own what they want. In order to award itself was a little bit more interesting - you can write on the envelope, such as "on a trip to Paris" or "on the new sofa."


One of the most useful and functional gifts. On the other hand, buying a microwave oven, a mixer or a refrigerator, you give him not a specific person, and his whole family. Typically, these gifts decided to give to relatives, you know exactly what this thing is needed, and it has not yet bought yourself. Well, romantics, waiting for a miracle, unlikely to please the vacuum cleaner as a gift.


Interior decorations.
It can be decorative vases, beautiful tableware, paintings, blankets or bedding. In this case, you need to know very well the taste of the birthday.


Gift certificates.
A perfect gift for a girl - a certificate inSpa in store cosmetics or underwear. Distributed certificates to restaurants, in clothing stores and bookstores. The only negative - on the present will be shown its value.


Subscribe to the gym.
Elegant gift, unless the birthday are no such subscription is at least a small desire to start a "new life".


Tickets to the theater or a concert. One ticket is not escape, since such places accepted to go now. Therefore it is better to give two tickets to the birthday boy was able to invite anyone, and hope that he will invite you.


Individual souvenirs.
You can make a custom mug, glasses, t-shirt and even a cake with any inscription or a photo.


Something made by your own hands.
It may be, for example, a toy or homemade cookies in a beautiful package. This souvenir will be a great addition to the "cash" gift.


This is not necessarily a geranium (although you can give her). On sale is a large and beautiful yucca and dracaena, which will decorate any interior.


"General" gift.
If you go to the birthday of the company, theYou can arrange and give a gift to all. Indeed, in this case, you can buy already something more substantial, making sure that it is about this dream birthday.


What is not accepted to give.
Underwear, Tights, cosmetics give only close people.
Give clock, towels, knives, pearls, mirror - a bad omen.
The fact that the "hints" to the age, such as wrinkle cream (even if it is very expensive).
What may somehow offend people. Be very careful with the "comic" gifts.

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