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Getting to the airport Bykovo

Getting to the airport Bykovo

Moscow Bykovo Airport, once carryinga large number of flights, is now almost forgotten. The airport was founded in 1933, from the beginning he was involved, mainly air transportation industry.

In 1975, the terminal was built and began to serve private airport passengers.

How to get to the airport Bykovo

In Bykovo can be reached by public transport and on their own.
From "Vykhino" metro station there is a bus №324(Direction of Bronnitsy) and taxi №144-B (get off at the bus stop should be "new home"). Then, to get to the Bykovo airport, will have to go along the river to "Borowski mound." The road will take 15-20 minutes. You can also take a taxi.

Sometimes, instead of stopping the "new home" drivers called "Telmana". This is the same stop.

From the town of Lyubertsy in the direction Bykovo walking bus №33, should get out at the stop "New House". From the town of Zhukovsky to the same bus stop should №28.
With the easiest way to get to the Kazan railway stationtrain station to the Bulls. The station Bykovo need to sit down on a minibus №22 and №23. The journey time will be about 50 minutes. You can also take the train to the station or Vykhino Lyubertsy station and get to the airport Bykovo there.
Also, the airport can be reached by car, following the Ryazan highway and focusing on the road signs.

State and prospects Bykovo Airport

Bykovo away from the Moscow Ring Road for 35 km towardsRyazan direction. The last few years (until 2011) The airport serves flights only a small extent: local maloprotyazhennye or srednepotyazhennye route. The airport stopped working with regular flights, but some travel companies for some time organized the charter flight aircraft from bulls. This airport was the base for the Ministry of Emergency Situations Service technology, it also carried out various commercial flights.
Bykovo Airport was able to take aircrafttypes such as the Yak-42 and An-12, as well as all lighter aircraft. There was an opportunity for all types of helicopters landing. Also at the airport can take the IL-76 and Tu-154, but without further loading, ie, only for distillation repair.
In 2010, almost stoppedoperation of the airport Bykovo, it completely shut down for civil aircraft, but not yet used to the service of the Interior Ministry (mainly for helicopters). Until the middle of 2011 in Bykovo based air taxi service of Dexter, which soon shifted to another airport.

In mid-2011 Bykovo airport has been excluded from the State Register of the Russian Federation Civil airfields.

Initially, the Moscow administration planned to establish on the basis of extensive international Bykovo airport complex with a focus on civilian flights, but these plans were not implemented.

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