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Getting rid of wireworms in the garden

How to get rid of wireworms in the garden

Of click beetle order tired gardeners, because in the end it turns out potatoes with holes.

Get rid of wireworm, as they call this pest, 100% does not work, but you can reduce it by some measures the number of the beds.

You will need

  • - margantsovka-
  • - zola-
  • - izvest-
  • - Fishing line.



To get rid of wireworms observe a high level of agricultural technology. It is not nothing but a timely weeding, and, especially, pull out all the wheatgrass.


You can kill wireworms digging. Since he was not buried deep in the ground for the winter, and 10-20 cm, it is likely that the beetle vymerznet.


During potato growth often do not forget to loosen the soil between the rows. Wireworms is not exactly like it.


Spend soil liming, it will help get rid of wireworms quickly. Of click beetle likes acidic soil.


If a small portion, try landing a potato in each hole to throw handfuls of ashes. This will stop the larvae from wireworm damage to the tubers.


When planting in each well can be poured on 0.5 l potassium permanganate solution, and even treat her planting the tubers in advance. Dilute 5 g per 10 liters of water. From potassium permanganate wireworms killed.


Use bait - Take piecespotatoes, tie fishing line, dig to a depth of 5-15 cm, watering in dry weather. And after a couple of days pull out of the line, for sure you will find the yellow beetle larvae, wireworms, which bit into a potato. Of course, this method is time-consuming and the destruction of wireworms is useful only in the region of 2-3 weave.


Observe crop rotation, plant green manure -Plants that increase soil fertility and thereby inhibit the development of wireworms. This, for example, mustard. Or let the soil rest, sown with grass land, such as clover. But not only grain, they, on the contrary, contribute to the spread of the pest.

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