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If you want to get rid of moles in your apartment or house for ever, it is necessary to go to war with it on all fronts.

And we need to start this war immediately.

First, consider how to get rid of the foodmoth. It is put mainly in the kitchen and living in grains, cereals, nuts and dried fruits. The first step to getting rid of moths will be spring-cleaning in the kitchen. Completely free kitchen cabinets, check out whether a moth eggs or larvae. Then wipe with a cloth soaked in soapy water, then wipe with a damp cloth and then wipe dry. Review cereals, grains, dried fruit, tea, and other dry products for the presence of the moth caterpillars. If you have found out where the moles, it is better to dispose of the product immediately. Pour all loose articles in sealed glass containers. Even if you have watched and hatch a few caterpillars, they will remain in those banks, and you can simply throw away the contents. Buy cereals, packaged in sealed bags and immediately pour into glass containers. Good, clean the vacuum cleaner all the cracks and corners in the kitchen. Thoroughly wash all kitchen soap or vinegar solution.

We need to get rid of the wardrobe mothmake a general cleaning in all rooms. Take out all the stuff out of the room. Wipe down all the cabinets, shelves and floors with soapy water, and then with a damp cloth. Examine all things, wash them and iron. If you find the moth habitats, remove with a vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to immediately throw away the paper bag of a vacuum cleaner, or wash rag. During cleaning, you'll find things that no longer wear - safely dispose of them. Removing summer or winter clothes for storage is required to wash the them, iron it and put it in covers for clothes storage. In cabinets, place dried lavender or handkerchief, which apply a few drops of lavender oil. Put drawers dried orange peels. Carpets vacuum the well and rinse with water or with snow. A good remedy for moles will geraniums on the windowsill.

After getting rid of the moth out, do not forget to hold monthly general cleaning, taking out all the things from the kitchen and wardrobe.

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