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How to get rid of the appearing window

How to get rid of the appearing window

One of the most common problems inInternet users - spyware and viruses that enter through the network to the computer. Last time, a proliferation of the virus program in the form of banner ads that appear on your computer desktop.

They do not have a close button, they interfere with work and often contain provocative content.

You will need

  • - Utility DrWeb CureIT! -
  • - Antivirus program with current databases.



Simultaneously press the keys Alt + Ctrl + Del, you will have the task manager. From the list of running programs, banner, click on the right mouse button and select "Close the application".


If this does not work, open the Task Managertab "Processes". Check out the list, select the name of the running processes are those whose name contains both numbers and letters of different sizes, signs and so on. Select "End Process Tree" right-click action.


Download the official website of the manufacturer's program DrWeb CureIT latest version. The utility requires no installation and is ready to work immediately after the download.


Run the program. A window will appear, which will be offered in the launch mode for enhanced protection. This means that the screen will be blocking any action on the part of the user, as well as by the programs.


Perform a full scan of your computer to include the boot sector, memory, local and removable drives, floppy drives. After checking, remove the detected threats.


Download and install an antivirus program from a network scan function on your computer. Update the database, perform a full system scan.


Install the most reliable anti-virus system and firewall. Turn off in the browser pop-up window addition and download blocking for himbanner ads. Never open e-mail from an unknown sender and do not go on suspicious links received, even from your friends - most sites already have a system of warnings about the transition to such resources and their database regularly updated. Also be careful when downloading data from file sharing.

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