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How to get rid of weeds in the garden, or cottage

How to get rid of the weeds in the garden, or cottage

Unfortunately, there is no one universal way as to destroy at the same time all kinds of weeds, so weed control often becomes painful and long.

But there are many tried and tested techniques that will certainly be able to help you!

Every summer resident and gardener inevitably faced with the problem of weeds that grow in the area. Weed control for each of them begins with the selection of the most effective way.

Long-term methods to get rid of harmful plants in the area

Many gardeners a major role is removeddigging the earth in spring and autumn. If you are looking for a way to get rid of weeds effectively, then this is what you need. In the autumn period, try to dig as deeply as possible after harvest, by about 30 cm. The roots of the weeds while carefully collect, so you complicate their task of the new spring germination. If for some years to repeat such a procedure, the weeds will be much less.

If you are tired of the summer to weed out every weekendweeds in the area, it is possible to apply the method of speeding up the process. On that site, which is the most littered with weeds, plant peas. When you have it with the harvest, pea stems need to be on the same garden of bury. In the middle of autumn on the site sow the seeds of winter wheat and rye, as can be thicker. Align the soil rake.

Spring seedlings germinate, and by mid-summerwill turn into a green carpet, which will not give the weeds grow. In autumn dig site pitchforks, also burying the stems into the soil. If you want to find a way to get rid of weeds forever, then check for yourself, this method too. Of course, it is quite long, but it will bring a double benefit of vegetable garden. First, the soil will be able to relax, and secondly, you will effectively get rid of the weeds!

How to deal with weeds

Many experienced gardeners know how to destroyweeds in the garden naturally and fairly quick way. The whole plot is covered with a certain flooring, which prevents the penetration of sunlight. Accordingly, it does not give weeds germinate.

To do this, use thick cardboard, blackfilm special covering material in black, straw, sawdust, pine needles, and so on. In order to weed control was more effective, combine several methods. For example, Cover the soil anyone, even a transparent film, and pour on top with straw or other mulch.

An effective material is considered black agrovoloknom. It can transmit water and air, and no sunlight. But before you try this method for the first time, advance carefully propolite weeds and then cover the soil. This coating must be well secured. For these purposes can use the stones or bricks, which are arranged around the circumference.

How to get rid of weeds folk remedies

Today, there are many chemicals,that allow to destroy weeds. But before they occur people know how to deal with weeds but weeding. Check out some of the methods that should be used by a point:

  • salt. She sprinkled gryadki-
  • vinegar. They gently sprayed sornyaki-
  • herbicidal soap. It is made from equal parts of salt, vinegar and grated soap, also applies to gryadkah-
  • blowtorch-
  • cornmeal, for sprinkling soda gryadok-
  • alcohol. The ratio of 1:10 with water should be sprayed with a bed, a month before planting.

It is also worth noting that the weeds can bringnot only harmful, but also useful. They can serve as compost fertilizer. To do this, they are best to dry and burn, and after digestion are scattered on the site.

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