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How to get rid of a divorce on boots

How to get rid of a divorce on boots</a>

Often, winter frost is replaced by a thaw, and the salt solution, which is sprinkled with the streets, mixes with mud and melted snow, and then leaves traces on the boots.

Water and a conventional shoe brush will not help you cope with divorce - for this you need to use special tools.

You will need

  • - water repellent agent-
  • - vinegar-
  • - alcohol-
  • - foam for shoes-
  • - laundry soap or washing powder-
  • - Ammonium alcohol.



The appearance of divorces on boots with ease can beTo warn. Acquire a shoe remover that repels moisture, and each time before leaving the house, treat them with boots. On the shoes there will be no stains, and your feet will not get wet.


If the white stains on the shoes did appear, theirCan be removed with vinegar diluted in water. Before proceeding to cleaning, walk on the boots with a soft brush and shake the crystals of salt. Mix the ingredients in a proportion of one to two, soak a clean cloth or napkin in the liquid and gently rub the dirty areas with it. With a soft rag, carefully polish the boots and leave them to dry. If, as the drying dries, the salt stains again appear, repeat the procedure. When the shoes are clean and dry, lubricate it with cream.


There is no way to arrange a full-fledged bootCleaning, or divorce is not too much - try to get rid of stains with alcohol. Moisten them with a cotton pad and wipe the white spots that appeared on the shoes. They will quickly disappear.


To be able to get rid of whitesDivorce at any time, always carry a bottle of foam for shoes. Noticing that on the boots there were traces of salt, apply foam on a napkin or handkerchief and wipe the skin with it. Spot will not.


Care of suede shoes is different from skin care- vinegar or alcohol can spoil the elegant suede boots. To remove the stains from them, dissolve in warm water detergent or laundry soap and add a few drops of ammonia. Dampen the brush or cotton swab in the solution and gently wipe the dirty areas. The remains of the homemade cleaning agent should be removed with a damp cloth and put the shoes to dry. Do not use heaters or put boots on the battery so they dry faster. From the thermal effect, suede can deform.

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