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How to get rid of stains on the boots

How to get rid of stains on the boots

Often winter frost gives way to thaw, and brine, which is sprinkled streets, mixed with mud and melted snow, and then leaves traces on his boots.

Water and regular brush for shoes will not help you cope with divorce - it is necessary to use special tools.

You will need

  • - Water-repellent sredstvo-
  • - acetic
  • - spirt-
  • - Foam obuvi-
  • - Soap or detergent poroshok-
  • - Ammonia.



The appearance of stains on the boots can be easilywarn. Get a tool for shoes, moisture repellent, and each time before leaving the house treat their boots. On the shoe will not appear divorces, and your feet do not get wet.


If white streaks on the shoes yet appeared, theircan be removed using a vinegar diluted with water. Before cleaning, go over the boots with a soft brush and brush off the salt crystals. Mix the ingredients in a ratio of one to two, soak in the liquid clean cloth or towel and gently wipe the contaminated sites. Soft cloth carefully polish the boots and leave them to dry. If as dry salt stains stood out again, repeat the procedure. When the shoes cleaned and dry, lubricate it with cream.


It is not possible to organize a full-fledged bootsClean or divorce is not too much - try to get rid of the stain with alcohol. Moisten a cotton ball to them and wipe the white spots appearing on the shoe. They quickly disappear.


To be able to get rid of whitedivorce at any time, always carry a bottle of foam for shoes. Noticing that his boots stood out traces of salt, put the foam on a napkin or handkerchief and wipe the skin. The spots will not.


for suede shoe care is different from skin care- Vinegar or alcohol can damage the elegant suede boots. To remove these stains, dissolve in warm water, detergent or soap and add a few drops of ammonia. Wet in the resulting solution, a brush or a cotton swab and gently wipe the contaminated sites. Remains of homemade cleaner, remove with a damp cloth and put out to dry shoes. Do not use space heaters and do not place the battery in boots, so they dry faster. On exposure to heat can deform suede.

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