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How to get rid of the goose skin

How to get rid of the goose skin

Cosmetic defects in the form of "goose bumps" ondifferent areas of the body gives a lot of trouble - you have to wear closed clothes, and open these areas of a person begins to experience complex, if necessary.

Follicular keratosis can be treated at home.



Compensate for the deficiency of vitamins. The appearance of "goose skin" may be the result of vitamin deficiency, in particular, lack of vitamins the C Au, therefore enrich your diet - include blueberries in it, carrots with sour cream (for better absorption), citrus fruits, black currants, etc. Lack of vitamin D can cause "goose bumps" in the cold, so exposure to sunlight during the warmer it is necessary - sunbathe, visit the solarium.


Visit bath or sauna. Under the influence of hot steam pores of the skin dilate, increasing blood flow, and contrasting combinations accelerate metabolism. It is useful to the steam room to put on the problem areas, and perform the warming cream massage.


Clean the skin tight scrubs. You can use ready-made compositions that contain the active ingredients will rapidly and quickly. At home, you can prepare coffee or salt scrub and process areas with "goose bumps" after a bath or shower. After the procedure rinse composition and lubricate the skin emollient.


Take a bath with pine extract. Enter the hot water bath (37-38oC), add 50 grams of pine extract and polezhitev it for half an hour. After treatment, the skin smoothed - it must lubricate bold nutritious means. If added to the bath, potato starch or a decoction of oatmeal, then the procedure will increase efficiency.


Do massage. Regular massage can help reduce the number of pimples and smooth skin - use essential oils, fatty cream, special massage rollers.


Use an exfoliating. After the bath or sauna is useful to make exfoliation - peeling fruit acids, enzymes, salt or sugar have an intense effect on the skin, smoothing it and removing dead scales.


Do body wraps. The result of wraps - deep hydration and nourishment. Well perform the procedure after cleansing scrubs and peels. The material is ideal for wrapping algae (nutritional effect), cranberry (active humidification), grapes (relaxation and saturation of trace elements), chocolate.

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