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Getting rid of dependence to TV serials

Get rid of the dependence of the series

Some individuals do not imagine their life without a television series.

This hobby takes up almost all of their free time.

Spending time in front of TV, people forget about the reality that surrounds them, and live lives of heroes series.

To get rid of dependence on the series, there are several ways.


One of the methods of getting rid of the TVdependence can be considered domestic ban. You just decide for themselves once and for all, that they no longer see the TV series: Dropped the last series of the familiar soap operas, you do not start to dive into new stories. It is important to show willpower and keep this word itself. This will help you understand the problem.
Deprive yourself of physical possibility to watchendless movies. Discard the TV completely, or disconnect cable channels. Spend so to start a couple of weeks and feel free. If you find it hard to fulfill this condition, every day reduces the time devoted to watching the next series.

Change the attitude

Just think how absurd it is: follow the life of fictional characters and because it does not pay attention to their own. Think of how much good can do for the time you spend watching TV series. Surely you know what changes you need and the surrounding reality, to improve the quality of your life. Here and join in these metamorphoses.
Learn something new, learn somespecialty, take the time to career, studies or private life. Take care of your own health, walk more, take time to fitness. Be socially active, meet friends, attend cultural events.

Be aware of the problem

Think about why you are so attracted to serials. Maybe they covered topics that you are very interested. Determine which mainly raised problems in your favorite soap operas, and apply the results to their own lives. Thus you can find the zone of growth in his character or the surrounding circumstances.
Maybe you are immersed in the series because of boredomand the fear of self-realization. If you do not know what you want, escape into a dream world can become an alternative to self-determination, and work on oneself. Occupying your brain the next series, you choke the voice of reason, which requires a response to any questions.
Understand that using a series of views yousolve your existing problems. Leading a sedentary lifestyle, or lying in front of TV, you obviously do not improve their health. After a hard day your eyes receive an additional burden, which is also pretty bad. On your development as a person adversely affected series. With them, you only degrade, unless, of course, we are not talking about the scientific and popular serial movie. Therefore it is necessary to pull myself together and put an end to the pernicious addiction.

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