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How to get rid of the cheesy plugs in a child's tonsils

Chronic tonsillitis is accompanied by the formation of blockages in the throat

Sore throat, sore, feeling of congestion - these symptoms occur each person during a cold.

They are caused by irritation of the nerve endings, which appears as a result of swelling of the mucous membrane of the pharynx.

cheesy plugs

Get rid of the feeling of congestion in the throat can behome with copious drinking and gargling. If incorrectly selected treatments inflammatory disease can become chronic. The doctor in this case, put the following diagnosis: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis. In some cases, the disease is accompanied by a breath and a constant feeling of a lump in the throat. On examination, the patient's throat the doctor can detect yellow cheesy lumps in the throat structure. They have an unpleasant odor and are called - caseous plug. There are people with chronic tonsillitis. In this disease there is an inflammation of the tonsils or glands that are the lymphoid tissue. Chronic tonsillitis in exacerbations manifested angina.

self-medication is ineffective

If the disease has developed to such an extent thatthere were traffic jams, it is not necessary to engage in self-treatment. Although patients often resort to this method, pressure is applied to the tonsils fingers and a spoon pick out the plug. Such a method is only temporarily alleviate the condition because it is possible to scrape off the surface of the cork.

The clinic can undergo syringe washes following medications: furatsilin, iodinol, boric acid, antibiotics.

Surgical intervention

Run chronic tonsillitis can not. In the worst case, you will need to resort to a tonsillectomy. This is surgery to remove the tonsils. Rush doctors do not recommend it, because in violation of the anatomical structure of the pharynx violated its natural protection. This fact may contribute to the development of pharyngitis. This disease, in turn, is difficult to treat.

Both adults and children are exposed to this disease. Although sometimes the child develops inflammation of the tonsils. So do not rush to their removal, it is best to try to undergo treatment.

A course of treatment

If the audiologist was able to pick up the right treatmenttreatment cheesy plugs, then surgery is not needed. Patients assigned treatment with ultrasound and laser. Prescribes rinsing the collection of herbs, moxibustion or Lugol solution of silver. In these diseases is necessary to maintain immunity, prevent prostyvanie. Doctors prescribe antibiotics to infection ceased to spread.

"Tonzilor" Effective treatment of recognized device. With the help of a vacuum nozzle purulent cork off, washed tonsils and oropharynx treated with antiseptics for disinfection and ultrasound.

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