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How to get rid of caseous congestion in the glands of a child


Chronic tonsillitis is accompanied by the formation of congestion in the throat</a>

Sore throat, perspiration, sensation of congestion - these symptoms arose in every person during a cold.

They are caused by irritation of nerve endings, which appears as a result of swelling of the mucous membrane of the pharynx.

Caseous cork

To get rid of the feeling of traffic jams in the throat, you canHome conditions with a lot of drinking and gargling. With incorrectly chosen methods of treatment, the inflammatory disease can become chronic. The doctor will then diagnose the following: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis. In some cases, the disease is accompanied by a smell from the mouth and a constant sense of coma in the throat. When examining the patient's throat, the doctor can detect yellow lumps of cheesy structure in the throat. They have an unpleasant smell and are called - caseous stoppers. Occur in people with chronic tonsillitis. This disease causes inflammation of the tonsils or tonsils, which are a lymphoid tissue. Chronic tonsillitis with exacerbations manifests itself in angina.

Self-treatment is ineffective

If the disease has developed to such an extent thatThere were traffic jams, then self-treatment should not be engaged. Although patients often resort to this method, press the amygdala with fingers and spoon pick out the plugs. Such a method will only temporarily ease the condition, because it is possible to scrape off the surface part of the plug.

In the clinic you can take a course of syringe washing with the following drugs: furatsilin, iodinol, boric acid, antibiotics.

Surgical intervention

You can not start chronic tonsillitis. In the worst case, you will need to resort to tonsillectomy. This is an operation to remove tonsils. To hurry with her doctors do not recommend, since in violation of the anatomical structure of the pharynx, her natural defense is violated. This fact can contribute to the development of pharyngitis. This disease, in turn, is difficult to treat.

Both adults and children are susceptible to this disease. Although sometimes the child overgrows the inflammation of the tonsils. Therefore, you should not hurry with their removal, it is better to try to undergo a course of treatment.

A course of treatment

If the otolaryngologist could correctly choose therapyOn the treatment of caseous congestion, then no surgical intervention is required. Patients are prescribed a course of ultrasound and laser treatment. Prescribe gargles by collecting herbs, cauterizing with a solution of silver or lugol. With such diseases it is necessary to maintain your immunity, not to allow a cold. Doctors prescribe antibacterial drugs to prevent the infection from spreading.

The treatment with Tonzilor is recognized as effective. With a vacuum nozzle, purulent plugs are sucked off, tonsils are washed, and the oropharynx for disinfection is treated with antiseptics and ultrasound.

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