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How to get rid of the bark beetle in the house

How to get rid of the bark beetle in the house

If your holiday home or apartment for finishing materials (drywall, fiberboard) wound up the bark beetle, the urgent need to get rid of it. It can cause great harm to the building.

the problem there is a solution.

Bark beetle - a small insect that forshort period of time can cause enormous damage to buildings made of wood and finishing materials, for example, such as drywall.

How dangerous bark beetle?

Bark beetle destroys solid wood structure, so if no action is taken, the wooden building can come into disrepair.

The most important sign of the presence of the beetle in your accommodation is a bunch of white rot, which he leaves behind.

If you are still found in the walls of the house,apartments, cottages bark beetle, it is necessary to immediately take any action. First you need to identify how amazed site. To reveal it, you can use any sharp object - a knife or scissors. Sharps should be puncture site, which, in your opinion, amazed. If you get a puncture, it is necessary to cut and burn this site, but if not, it will be possible to do a treatment.

Prior to treatment, you need to clean the surface from contamination and prepare yourself (wear gloves, a respirator).

Means for pest control

Time does not stand still, and thanks to the modern development of various technologies, a large number of different agents against such insects. This aqueous solutions and various impregnation.
Buy protective equipment can bespecialty store. Treat pre-cleaned the damaged area with a solution or impregnated wooden structure, as well as a finishing material. Follow the instructions. These funds will not only protect you from the bark, but also serve as a preventive.
If you can not buy specialmoney in the store, you can use the assistants, to prepare a solution on their own. Because kerosene and turpentine make a mixture, connect them in a ratio of 1: 3. After cooking, pour the liquid into the opening that made bark beetles. Nearby sites treat varnish.
You can also contact a special company which is engaged in such problems. After inspecting the problem area, arrived team will choose the right way to deal with the bark beetle.

To prevent the occurrence of pests in wood, should be at the stage of the construction process wood protective agents.

Bark beetle can cause a house in unsuitability for five years, so if there is a problem, then we must not tarry. This applies particularly to private country houses and summer residences.

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