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How to get rid of the accent

How to get rid of the accent

Even people with a high level of foreign language knowledge may speak it with an accent. However, the focus - it is not an insurmountable obstacle.

With enough perseverance can bring their pronunciation in the foreign language to the point that you could be mistaken for a local.



Emphasis may appear even in their native language, ifyou start talking on it is less than what you have learned the language. Therefore, to eliminate the mispronunciation of a foreign language need to act to the contrary. Arrange for yourself a trip to the country of the language you studied. You can pay for several months at a language school, if you have the financial ability. But this is not the only option. Students can find in the United States, Britain, France and other countries part time for the summer, and at the same time improve their pronunciation.

Also, people of all ages can enroll in oneof volunteer programs. Volunteers restore forests, restoring historical monuments, save the animals in various countries of the world. Usually volunteer pays only for the road, and food and accommodation provided by the host side. But remember that abroad we must try to communicate with the locals, and not to be surrounded by fellow speakers of their native language to you.


In addition, can improve your pronunciationexperts. In particular, such issues are dealt with teachers on theatrical skills. Many well-known theater and film actors at the beginning of his career, had a regional dialect, which they were able to successfully overcome. Educator can be found in the theater studio. Often, they are organized at community centers or professional theaters.

However, for the pronunciation, say, Englishlanguage, you will need a teacher - comes from English-speaking countries. It can be found in language centers or courses at the language departments of universities. If your city has a cultural center of the country whose language you are learning, refer to - often to study the prices in such centers below, and the opportunity to meet the teacher-language media - above.


Work on improving pronunciationindependently. See more films in a foreign language, listen to music. Also, you can help phonetic exercises from textbooks and self-help. But note that for self-improvement in their pronunciation you still need to be consulted with the teacher. For example, you can once a week to meet with a tutor and work through all the difficulties that you encounter. If you have a little free time, you can organize coaching on the internet by video.

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