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How to get rid of scale insects

How to get rid of scale insects

Scale insects - pests, which gives a lot of grief florist.

These insects are amazing and landing in open ground, but often destroy plants. Scale insects are called so because of the hard shells of brown, through which up to them difficult to reach.

Pests suck juices from plants and secrete a sticky fluid.

If they do not start to fight in time, does not help even the most powerful drugs.

You will need

  • - Toothbrush-
  • - gubka-
  • - cotton buds-
  • - Green soap or detergent poroshok-
  • - kerosin-
  • - Insecticides.



Scale insects reproduce eggs that layinto the ground. When insects are just beginning to spread throughout the plant, they are young, and their armor is not as hard as in adults. If you notice pests at this stage, save the flower will be much easier. Prepare a concentrated solution of green soap or laundry detergent, soak in it a sponge or cotton swab and carefully wipe the leaves of your pet with both sides, as well as its stem. So you can easily take off the parasites. Then just need to wash the leaves and stem of the plant with clean water and repeat the process a couple of days. Then you will forget about the long scale insects.


Another thing, if you missed the start timescale insects destruction of the plant. In this case, the hard shell of the parasite, it is tightly attached to the leaves and take it easy with soap and water will not work. Chop the onion and garlic, turning to mush, put in the pockets of scale insects and gently rub the toothbrush. Unfortunately, this method is suitable only for processing are not particularly delicate plants: lemon, dieffenbachia, etc. Others may be damaged as strong mechanical action. So, when you get rid of the pests, plants, lubricate the surface with a solution of soap and kerosene. It is prepared in the same proportion: 25 grams of green soap and a liter of water and 5-6 drops of kerosene. Let the treated plants stand up day, then rinse thoroughly under a warm shower. If necessary, processing can be repeated.


There are fundamental methods of dealing with scale insects: processing chemicals. Special funds for this pest is not present, but can be used are those that are designed to control the Colorado potato beetle, or other potent. For example, "Akhtar," "Fitoverm" "aktellik" etc. Dilute the chemical, as it is written in the instructions, treat insect infestation of a plant spray bottle and pack them in a plastic bag. The plant must stand up day, then it must be open and wash in the shower. Some drugs should not only be sprayed, but also pouring into the earth to destroy the eggs of pests. As is the case with traditional means, usually a chemical treatment must be repeated twice.

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