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Getting rid of fleas home sex

Getting rid of fleas home sex

The attack by insects in the living room - a phenomenon unpleasant, especially when it comes to sexual fleas. Scratches on the body, regular itching at the bite - the consequences of this neighborhood.

Very often this from little children suffer.

Fighting pests should be thoroughly and promptly.

Helpful information

Homemade sex fleas have a high degree ofpainful bites. In addition, they are dangerous to human health and is very fertile. Often it is sexual fleas are carriers of various infectious diseases.

Before you start to take decisive action todestruction of domestic sexual fleas, you should find out the cause of their appearance. Thus you define the main centers of their reproduction. The most common causes of genital fleas in the living room:

- Failure to comply with the rules and standards of hygiene (dust, dirt, etc.) -
- Dampness in the basement pomeschenii-
- Pets (dogs, cats).

Methods to get rid of genital fleas

This type of flea lives mainly on the surfacesex in all kinds of openings and cracks. As a rule, they settle around the perimeter of the room at a height of not more than half a meter from the floor. Home fleas prefer plinth, all kinds of blankets, quilts, soft toys, chenille rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture. It is for these areas in the apartment when cleaning is necessary to pay special attention.

An excellent weapon in the fight against domestic sexfleas become steam, washing machine and vacuum cleaner. Especially in this list a greater role for the destruction of parasites play steam. Steamed all the places of deployment of sexual fleas, they have no chance of survival. Finally the room should be wiped "butoxy" solution. It is sold in any pet store. Detailed instructions on the use of the drug is indicated on the product packaging.

Remember: before the use of chemicals in the living room all the food must be well packaged. Also do not forget about pets. At the time of processing premises it is better insulated. After cleaning the apartment should be well ventilated.

If your arsenal of home appliances was not foundsteam generator, all the premises should be thoroughly vacuumed. Blankets, stuffed toys and all kinds of blankets need to be washed. At the end of cleaning the premises should be treated with insecticide. This may be the same "butoxy" or "dichlorvos". If no petition parasites reappeared after some time, use more professional products, "Hlorpirimark", "Ultra Efficient", "Sinuzan" and others.

If you get rid of your own homesexual fleas have failed, or not enough free time to control pests, contact your sanitary and epidemiological stations, or private enterprises. They will select the most appropriate chemicals to destroy fleas and provide a guarantee for the work performed.

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