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Getting rid of bedbugs folk remedies

Bedbugs normally interfere with a person relax

Bed bugs - very nasty insects on which it is extremely difficult to get rid of despite the abundance of all kinds of chemicals.

Many people do not notice the bites of bedbugs and often fail to realize that it does not allow them to rest properly. With bedbugs in any case it is necessary to struggle.

It does not always have the opportunity to appeal to a specialized agency.

You will need

  • carbon bisulfide
  • Kerosene
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Grater
  • Capacity for dilution
  • plastic bottle
  • Funnel
  • Libra
  • gauge tank



If it happens in the country, where there is no central heating, you can try to overcome bugs winter in the bitter cold. Open all windows and doors for a few days. Of course, this method only if you can use if the country at this time no one, and at the same time there is a guarantee that no one there will not climb. In addition, it is necessary to bedding at this time was in the house.


But freezout house is not always possible. For example, in an apartment house with normal heating it is not possible in principle. Therefore it is better to use chemical weapons. Prepare necessary to "antiklopinoy" mix ingredients. 1 part of hydrogen sulfide has to 7 parts soap, 20 parts kerosene and 10 parts water.


Rub soap on a grater. Better to take a fine grater, because the soap is necessary to grind almost to a powder. This will speed up the cooking process of the solution.


Mix soap and carbon disulfide into a homogeneous mass. Strongly do not need to rub the soap is still dissolved. Add to the resulting mixture kerosene. How should stir the mixture. Pour it all in a bottle with a tight fitting lid Shake the mixture.


Pour the mixture into a container and dilute morewater. Whether raw or boiled water, in this case, there is no difference. Promazhte all the cracks in the wooden structures and walls. The treatment will have to be repeated several times.


If there is some kind of ingredient (for example,everywhere you can get kerosene) - Make another mixture, the components of which you are sure to find a pharmacy and hardware store. Mix 1 part turpentine, 5 parts of liquid ammonia, and this mixture promazhte every nook and cranny.

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