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How to get rid of bad dreams


How to get rid of bad dreams</a>

Dreams are an integral part of our lives.

Dreams are not only good, but also bad.

The causes of bad dreams are very individual.

Understand yourself, your personal life, analyze the events of recent weeks, and you will certainly solve the problems of bad dreams, which will help you to sleep peacefully.



Set your day regimen and take it off to sleep.Less than 8 hours a day. Failure in the daily routine is often the main cause of terrible dreams. Go to bed in a comfortable environment for you. Do not forget to ventilate the bedroom before going to bed for 5-7 minutes. Try not to drink 3-4 hours before bedtime strong drinks, such as tea or coffee.


Be as nervous as possible. If you have unsolvable problems at work, do not think about it all the time. Restore your emotional state by practicing sports or sedatives. Drive bad thoughts away, tune in only to positive things and problems will gradually be solved.


Do not watch action films, horrors and thrillers, ifUnderstand that the plots of the films are repeated in your bad dreams. It is better to watch a comedy or a love melodrama with an uncomplicated storyline or read the humorous works of the classics. Do not clog your thoughts with unnecessary information. A short-lived aromatherapy with soothing oils or bathing can contribute to good dreams. Light candles with pleasant smells for you and enjoy quiet music.


Lovers of non-traditional means can hang inHis bedroom a trap for dreams, which can be bought in souvenir shops or made independently. Here autosuggestion works. A person who believes that such a trap can help to cope with a bad dream, fulfills his thoughts.


Remove from the room in which you sleep mirrors. Reflecting in the mirror during sleep is a bad sign. House plants are moved to another room so that they do not take away your energy at night. Read the prayer before bed and lie down with thoughts of tomorrow. Your thoughts should be clean and only positive.

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