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How to get rid of bad dreams

How to get rid of bad dreams

Dreams are an integral part of our lives.

Dreams are not only good but also bad.

The causes of bad dreams are very individual.

Understand yourself, your personal life, analyze the events of recent weeks, and you will certainly solve the problems of bad dreams that will help you sleep well.



Naladte your daily routine and allot a dream notat least 8 hours a day. Failure in the daily routine is often the main cause of the terrible dreams. Go to sleep in a comfortable environment for you. Do not forget to ventilate the bedroom before going to sleep for 5-7 minutes. Try not to drink for 3-4 hours before bedtime spirits such as tea or coffee.


Nervous as little as possible. If you have any unsolvable problems at work, do not think all the time about it. Recover your emotional state sports or sedatives. Throw away the bad thoughts, tune in only on the positive, and the problem will be solved gradually.


Do not look militants, horror and thrillers, ifYou realize that the film's plot is repeated in your bad dreams. It is better to see a comedy or melodrama with a straightforward love story or read a comic classics. Do not hammer your thoughts with unnecessary information. Good dreams can contribute to a short-lived with soothing aromatherapy oils or taking a bath. Light a candle for you with pleasant scents and enjoy the relaxed music.


Fans of unconventional means may hanghis bedroom dream catcher, which can be purchased in souvenir shops or make your own. Here, self-hypnosis works. A person who believes that such a trap can help deal with poor sleep, perform their thoughts.


Remove from the room in which you sleep mirror. Reflected in the mirror while you sleep is a bad omen. Houseplants relocate to another room, so they are not taken away your energy at night. Read the prayer before going to bed and lie down with thoughts of the future. Your thoughts must be clean and only positive.

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