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How to get rid of aphids in the garden

How to get rid of aphids in the garden

Among the aphid pests - not the most harmless.

It usually settles colonies on fruit trees, roses and other plants, sucking out their juices, carries viral infections and eventually can lead to death.

The fight against aphids - A process that should start on time. And it is impossible without a struggle against the ants. After all, they are bred and aphids, transferring it to the twigs and trees in spring. So, in parallel with the processing of the aphids have to destroy the garden ant, for it has many of the methods described in another article.

Basically, get rid of aphids not difficult, it is quite soft shell. Therefore, positive results can bring even the simple treatment of contaminated surface with soapy water. However, if the aphid colony already large, the leaves of the affected plants are twisted, and the pest in them safely tucked away. That is why it is important prompt, early treatment of aphids.

A tree or shrub can be sprayed with an effective,intended to destroy aphids chemical. Well, for example, the drug "Akhtar". But still preferable to use other methods to combat aphids, more forgiving. Although they are not as dramatic need more time, but the damage to the garden is minimal.

Simplest way to combat aphids - Mechanical. Insect just need to manually remove the plants. You can also wash them with a strong water jet from a garden hose.

Quite successfully working folk remedies from the aphid. This, for example, already mentioned above, a soap solution. You can also finely chop deleted as a result of pasynkovaniya tomato leaves, fill them with water and soak overnight in warm water. Spray the plants should be carefully, do not forget about the reverse side of the leaves.

An excellent tool in the fight against aphids is wood ash. It is necessary to fill 300 g of boiling water, to insist night, add the grated soap and spray the tree or bush, where a colony of aphids settled.

Another effective remedy for aphids - a decoction or infusion of tobacco. It is also necessary to pour hot water, brew and treat diseased plants.

There are also biological processescounter aphids. Its excellent eaten by birds, so it is necessary to hang the birdhouses on the site. Also, the natural enemy of aphids - ladybugs. They brim can be bought at specialized sites and then release the garden. And simply sit around herbs, nasturtium, mallow and other plants that attract beneficial insects.

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