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How to get rid of a bad person


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Every person with whom we communicate, we are friends, work together, to some extent affects us.

And, naturally, I want communication to bring joy.

But, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

By naivety, insubordination or kind-heartedness, we often let people in too close to us, who bring pain and trouble, and then do not know how to get rid of them.

Despair is not necessary - everything is possible.



The main thing - do not try to dot the i. It is not always necessary to disclose to a person the whole truth about how bad he is and so on. Everyone has it Rights Its own truth, and no one wantsTo admit mistakes for themselves, but safely dumps the blame on others. Therefore, an open conversation will only lead to a scandal, a waste of nerves and further confrontation. Moreover, it is not necessary to arrange "open partings" with those who often have to face, for example, at work or in the circle of common friends.


The most reliable way is to smoothly reduce the communication to nothing. Time - this is what everyone has Rights Always not enough. This is worth resting on: "I'm glad to meet, but I have so much to do today ..." Cut communication smoothly, occasionally show signs of attention, but keep keeping distance.


Refuse accusations and resentments. Try to see in a person and good sides. Think about the reasons for his bad behavior. Go to church and pray for his health. Do not wish him bad. Do not say "To make it disappear," replace this formulation with a positive one "let it disappear from my life for the benefit of myself and me."


Try to understand what life's lesson is for youIt should be taken out of communication with an unpleasant person. As a rule, when you understand your mistake and begin to understand the situation as a whole, a bad person disappears from your life as if by magic. And no one like him, either. After all, the mission is completed. Lesson learned.

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