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How to get your password back from the mail


How to get your password back from the mail</a>

Modern mail services have several levels of security. Even if you forget the password from the mailbox, you have several ways to restore it.

In this case, confidential information will be used, excluding access to the mailbox by third parties.



Give the correct answer to the secret question. This will open the password recovery system. A method using a secret question is one of the oldest security measures for a box, which is present in almost all email services. Specify the security question along with the answer during the registration of the e-mail box. It can be either standard ("Brand of the first car", "Last 5 digits of the INN", "Maiden name of the mother"), or own, the text of which you will have to create yourself. Choose a secret question in such a way that only you will know the answer to it. This will help prevent mailbox hacking.


Enter the address of the additional mailbox. This email address is indicated along with a secret question during the registration of mail. If you decide to return your password using this method, after specifying the email address, the previously specified address will be checked, and in case of a match, an instruction will be sent to return the password. Before you restore the password in this way, make sure that you have access to an additional mailbox.


Use a mobile phone whose numberIs linked to an email account. Some e-mail services use the verification of the account using a sms-message sent to the specified mobile phone number. This number can also be used to recover the password. In order to return your password from a mail account that has been verified, in a special field, enter the phone number to which the message with the special digital code will come. Enter this code in the following field, after which you will have access to your email. Please note that the phone must be pre-specified in your account, otherwise this method of recovery can not be applied.

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