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How to get the update

How to get the updates

Often users to save bandwidth orothers to use that copy the anti-virus database, updated using the Internet to update the copies of the program, which is located on a different or the same computer.

For these purposes, even a special tool has been developed.

You will need

  • - access to the Internet-
  • - NODGen 3.



Download NODGen 3 program. Check the file for viruses and malicious code content. Unpack it, if the file is stored in the archive, and perform the installation according to the instructions of the installer menu. Download the program of this kind only with the official sites of the manufacturer and only if they have feedback from users, as the cases of burglary protection of computers using different downloaded for purposes other utilities user. If the archive or installer requires sending sms, ignore the request and download a program from another resource.


Run the installed program. Wait until she searches Nod 32. antivirus updates information about the version of the updated software is available in the status bar of an open application window NODGen 3. If you want to get updates from a particular version installed, change the settings in the system defined at the start, in the future the program will start its work with the search is on it.


If the version is not found, antivirusnikremains unrecognized, so in this case, specify the location in the program directory of the update files. Enter in box "Path to the folder in which to save the signature" the correct address of the location in which you will later copy the database.


Click responsible for generation. Wait for the program to perform the process of copying and conversion in your chosen direction. It can independently perform the conversion in accordance with this version of your antivirus software.


Update the necessary copies of anti-virus programs andreboot the system if it is required by the application. Look at the date of signature updates - should be one of the closest to the date, days of the month, it will mean that the update was successful.

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