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How to get to Zhukovsky


How to get to Zhukovsky</a>

The city of Zhukovsky is remarkable, first of all, by the fact that every year it hosts the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS).

It is also planned to set up the Russian National Aircraft Building Center.

Among the attractions is the Little Moscow Children's Railway.



The easiest way to get from Moscow to Zhukovsky onSuburban train. A great number of them depart from the Kazan station of the Russian capital. For the trip to Zhukovsky, the following trains are suitable: Moscow - 47th kilometer, Moscow-Golutvin, Moscow-Vinogradovo, Moscow-Ryazan-1, Moscow-Shifernaya and Moscow-Faustovo. The time that will have to be spent on the road is 50 minutes. So the trip on the train is not so tiresome.


There is an opportunity to get to Zhukovsky onBus. Moreover, it is also very easy to do this, because there are many flights. From the metro station "Kuzminki" buses №525, №441 and №478 leave, from "Vykhino" - bus №424. The latter, however, goes about once an hour.


From the metro station "Ryazan Prospekt" five times a day leaves the bus "Moscow - Zhukovsky". And next to the platform "Veshnyaki" you can intercept bus number 433


There is also an option to get to Zhukovsky from the Shchelkovo bus station, from which ten flights are sent every day. The journey time is 50 minutes.


It is very convenient to get to Zhukovsky by car. There are a lot of options. You can get to the destination on the Novoryazanskoye highway by turning the sign on Zhukovsky.


According to the second version of the trip, you can drive around the stop on Novoryazanskoye highway along the Egoryevskoye highway, pass Ramenskoye and turn to Zhukovsky.


In the third variant it is necessary to pass throughLyubertsy and Kraskovo, and nowhere to turn. And after 15 kilometers there will be an entrance to the central street of Zhukovsky. The time to be spent on the road is 55 minutes. However, you can go and longer, especially if the roads are loaded. Most of this refers to the route that runs along Novoryazanskoye Highway. Deaf traffic in the Lyubertsy area has become a commonplace there, you can lose even four or five hours.

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