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How to reach in Zheleznogorsk

How to reach in Zheleznogorsk

Zheleznogorsk that in the Kursk region, has just three twin city.

Fraternal ties with them are connected Ukrainian Mariupol and Shostka and Belarus Zhodino.

Next year could be twinned Zheleznogorsk Montenegrin town of Bar, which is in itself interesting.



By plane to get from Moscow to Zheleznogorskdirect flight unrealistic - because near the city there is no airport. Therefore it is necessary to fly from the airport "Vnukovo" on the flight "Moscow - Kursk" airline "UTair". But upon arrival at the station "Vostochny Airport" take the bus №7 and go to the stop "Zheleznogorsk. The track ". Total time of 2 hours 50 minutes.


Despite the convenience and speed of the aircraft,the most common way to travel in this town is the bus. Every day from the bus station "Novoyasenevskaya" depart two flights, "Moscow - Sudzha" and "Moscow - Kurchatov". To go it is necessary to stop "Zheleznogorsk. Bus station". Travel time by bus is 8 hours and 10 minutes. But just in case, if there is no serious traffic jams.


If you go by train to Zheleznogorsk farfollow, you have to sit on the flight "Moscow - Lgov," which once daily departs from the Kursk railway station. The station, which is necessary to get off is called "St. Michael Mine," and then have to take the bus №5 and after 3 km exit at the stop "Zheleznogorsk. Centre". Travel time will be approximately 7 hours 25 minutes.


Also, to really take the Zheleznogorskcar. The first option - it is to move on the highway M2 Crimea through Tula and Orel. If there is no big traffic jams on the highway, the travel time will be 7 hours and 20 minutes.


In a second embodiment it is necessary to go on the route M3 Ukraine through Kaluga and Bryansk. The advantage of this way is that the route M3 Ukraine highway M2 Crimea better in their coverage.


And finally, there is a third option, how to get inZheleznogorsk. This way the track goes through Novomoskovsk, Elec, Voronezh and Kursk. Plus, this route is that in the summer there is much less congestion than on M2 and M3 highways Krym Ukraine. And, then, you can quickly get to your destination.

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