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How to get to Yurga


How to get to Yurga</a>

There are people who travel mainly to warmer regions. For example, a cold winter to the warm sea.

But there is another kind of travel and travel enthusiasts - those who are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to go to not the most accessible places.

For example, in a city like Yurga.



Yurga is located in the Kemerovo region, in 100Kilometers from the city of Kemerovo. Therefore, the easiest, fastest and easiest way to travel is to fly on an airplane. From the Sheremetyevo airport, the air liners of Aeroflot and Rossiya air companies are flying, and the S7 and Transaero airlines fly from Domodedovo airport on this route. After arriving in Kemerovo, it is necessary to take the bus No. 54 at the airport, which goes to the stop "Yurga. Central Bus Station". The total travel time is 4 hours and 40 minutes.


It happens that some people do not tolerate the spiritPlanes are afraid of air crashes and generally believe that "a born to crawl can not fly." For them, the best option is to travel to Jurgu by long-distance train. And here there are many options. Some sit on the train "Moscow - Vladivostok", others go to the "Moscow - Khabarovsk", the third choose the flight "Moscow - Yurga", the fourth - "Moscow - Blagoveshchensk", the fifth - "Moscow - Chita", and the sixth believe that There is nothing better than the train "Moscow - Ulan-Ude". But in addition to those listed, there are long-distance trains Moscow-Tomsk, Moscow-Abakan, Moscow-Kemerovo, Moscow-Krasnoyarsk and Moscow-Neryungri. All trains leave Yaroslavl station of the Russian capital and spend about 60 hours on the road.


But there are also such lovers of travel whoDo not trust public transport at all. And that's why they prefer to travel by their own car. In order to get to Yurga by car, you need to start on the highway M7 Volga, passing such large cities as Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Kazan and Ufa. Then move on not the most good covering of the highway M5 Ural through Naberezhnye Chelny to Ufa. Well, then the Irtysh R-254 road, renovated several years ago, will start, bypassing Petropavlovsk, Omsk and Novosibirsk, you can get to Yurga.

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