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How to get to Yerevan

How to get to Yerevan

Yerevan is associated with a rare, most peoplein its scope of hospitality and splendid natural views. That is why many Russian tourists though least once in life come to Armenia.

And to come to Armenia and Yerevan do not see - this is nonsense.



The easiest and quickest way to get toYerevan - it's a plane. From the airport "Domodedovo" in the Armenian capital ships fly «S7» airlines and "Travnsaero" from "Sheremetyevo" - planes "Aeroflot", and from "Vnukovo" - aircraft "Air Armenia". Flight time - 2 hours 55 minutes.


On the long distance train to the capital of Armeniacan not be reached, as there is no direct connection. But to Yerevan can be reached on a comfortable bus, which for many years traveled along this route. Flights go to the capital of Armenia once a day from the Kazan railway station the Russian capital. This way takes time of about 50 hours.


The second option is traveling by bus - itleave from the Kursk railway station. From there, the route goes twice a week, and in winter at all once in two weeks. Travel time is approximately two hours shorter, but the buses in this case are not so comfortable.


There are brave men who dare to embark ontravel to Yerevan in his car. Got to ride on the trails M4 Don and Caucasus P-217 through Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Nalchik and Vladikavkaz. Then the way lies through Georgia, and only after that the traveler gets to Armenia, and then to Yerevan. Time on the road, if you do not stop to rest, is about 35 hours. And yet - going on a journey by car, we must remember that the quality of roads in Armenia are much worse than in Russia. So there may be unforeseen breakdowns.


Those who do not want to go through the territory of Georgia,are moving on the highway M4 Don and Caucasus P-217, make a 300-mile detour and go to Yerevan through the republic of Dagestan and Azerbaijan. But this way, there is one big disadvantage - the constant extortion by members of the Dagestani traffic police. So if you want a more relaxed way, it is necessary to use the first option.

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