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How to get to Vienna

How to get to Vienna

Vienna - an ancient and beautiful city, rich in architectural and cultural attractions.

You can reach it in several ways: by plane, train or car.

You will need

  • - Schengen viza-
  • - A plane ticket / poezd-
  • - The car.



The fastest and most convenient way to get to Vienna- Fly on a plane. Direct flights from Russia to carry out the following airlines: "Aeroflot", "Russia", "Transaero", "Ural Airlines», S7 Airlines, Austian Airlines and Niki. In addition, many airlines are flying to Vienna with transfers. Flight quite a lot, almost all flights are daily. From Moscow to Vienna flights operate from the airports: Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo.

The duration of the way from Moscow to ViennaIt is about 3 hours without transplants. From the airport to the center of Vienna can be reached by express train CAT (City Airport Train) in 16 minutes, on a suburban metro S-Bahn in 26 minutes, by bus or taxi in 20 minutes.


Before Vienna from Moscow you can get on the train. The best option - it is thro 'Moscow - Vienna ". Travel time takes about 32.5 hours. Dispatched the train every day. There is another option, namely the train №017 «Moscow - Nice", which runs through Vienna. This train departs from Moscow on Thursdays only, but it is faster trains "Moscow-Vienna" 4 hours.

In order to go to Vienna by train, youZamoskvoretskaya must be accessible via the metro line to the "Belorusskaya" station and get out into the city in the direction of the station. From here, trains to Vienna. Tickets on train you can buy both at the station and on the Internet.


Motorists can reach Vienna at itsmachine. To reach one of the following routes: Belarus-Poland-Czech Republic-Austria- Belarus-Poland-Slovakia-Ukraine-Austria- Hungary-Austria- Ukraine-Slovakia-Austria. Choose an option in view of what country and city you want to see on the way. If you currently need to have a driver's license of international standard, the vehicle registration document, a "green card." All passengers will need to obtain a Schengen multivisa.

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