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How to get to Venice Airport


How to get to Venice Airport</a>

Venice - the city of lovers and true romantics, the place of annual pilgrimage of tourists, fascinating visitors with their palaces and narrow streets, canals and scurrying gondolas.

All these features greatly complicate the movement in the ancient city.



There are 2 airports in Venice: The nearest to the historical part of Venice is the Marco Polo airport, designated in international tables as VCE, and the Canova Treviso airport, more often referred to as Treviso airport (VCF).


Treviso Airport is located 30 km from the islandParts of Venice. The easiest way to get there will be a trip on the ATVO express bus. This bus stops at Piazza le Roma (Piazza le Roma), stops at the Mestre train station, and then goes to the airport. The cost of travel on this type of transport is not burdensome even for economical tourists - it is less than 10 euros. There is no need for transplants.


In addition, there is another way to get toThis airport is a bit cheaper, but also somewhat more complicated. From the Santa Lucia railway station, you can take the train to Mestre, from which ACTT shuttle buses leave for Treviso airport. The total fare will be about 5-6 euros, depending on the season. You can save by buying a ticket for a bus not for 2.5 euros from the driver, but for 1.8 euros in a tobacconist.


Marco Polo Airport is connected to the historical districtVenice is a permanent shuttle bus, moving at intervals of an average of half an hour. He takes passengers in the Piazzale Roma, the journey costs you only 3 euros per person and will take from 20 minutes to half an hour, depending on traffic intensity and time of day. The schedule of his work: from 5 am to 9 pm.


However, if you chose an early departure and get thereWill be at night or just do not want to use public transport, at your service taxi. The Venetian land taxi will cost you from 60 to 100 euros per way to Marco Polo and up to 130-150 euros for the trip to Treviso.


Lovers of romance Venice providesThe opportunity to go to the airport of Marco Polo by water taxi through the city's canals. But it should be noted that the cost of such movement is negotiable, and it is hardly worthwhile to expect a price below 350 euros.

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