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How to access to treatment in the First City Hospital

How to access to treatment in the First City Hospital

City Clinical Hospital named NI Pirogov is located in Moscow at Leninsky prospect, 8. Medical municipal institution founded in 1802 at the expense of Prince Golitsyn.

Currently, multi-institution takes care of Muscovites and residents of suburbs of patients from other regions on a fee or contract basis in the direction.

You will need

  • - direction-
  • - passport-
  • - polis-
  • - Pension insurance certificate.



City Clinical Hospital namedPirogov - is one of the best institutions in the Russian Federation. Multidisciplinary focus on providing diagnostic and therapeutic support enables high-quality treatment. 3 center is based on the hospital: Rheumatology, Phlebology, Consultative and Diagnostic.


To get to the examination and treatment in the firstcity ​​hospital Pirogov, get directions to the clinic in the community. You will also need a medical insurance policy, a policy of compulsory pension insurance, an extract from the medical history with the conclusion of the doctor, the latest results of medical examination, passport with registration in Moscow or the Moscow region.


The use of the latest technological methods in the field ofdiagnosis and treatment enables us to provide high-tech medical care to residents of other regions. If your disease is complex and in local medical institutions you can not provide the necessary assistance, the local doctor should put you on the waiting list for a high-tech medical care.


Once your turn will come, you will be givendirection, the electronic ticket. For assistance, you should come on the appointed day, with a need to have an extract from the patient card with fresh data medical examination and the conclusion of physicians, direction, passport, medical insurance policy.


The medical establishment is ready tohigh-tech assistance not only to citizens with Moscow, the Moscow region residence or directed from the regions, but also to all those in need on a commercial basis. To do this, you need to apply to the registry, to pay the required amount on the price list and get a ticket to see a doctor.


You can get services in complexinspection body to conduct an operation or treatment of ear, nose and throat, to examine the joints and connective tissue, if necessary, receive the outpatient, inpatient or surgical treatment. In the emergency room you will have not only first aid but also conduct survey operations, will help pass the post-operative rehabilitation and recovery. Ophthalmology department provides assistance for diagnosis, treatment and carries out operations of any complexity in diseases of the eye. Phlebology Centre diagnoses, treatment and surgery of any complexity on the veins and blood vessels.

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