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How to get in car dealership showroom

How to get in the car sales showroom

Use an effective way to employment in the position of manager, talked to the head of the sales department directly at the motor show.

Show off your skills and desire to work.

You will need

  • - PC with Internet
  • - phone.



Please review the managercar sales. If you have a presentable appearance, well-groomed appearance and no speech defects employment chances significantly increased. Remember that getting a job as a manager, it is advisable to learn a set of office software, and the program "1C: Accounting".


The applicant for the position of sales managerCar welcome fast and accurate typing, possession of telephone etiquette, perfect knowledge of the technical parameters of machines offered for sale. The seller must be sociable person and part psychologist. He needs to anticipate the desires of customers and unobtrusively to sharpen their focus on a particular vehicle model.


Settle into the showroom and can be no work experienceby specialty. Finished technical college automotive orientation or having to try his hand at sales, you can count on the vacant seat. Initially, you will attach to an experienced mentor and identify a small salary. Do not worry, because the manager's income depends solely on percent of sales.


Remember that in the showroom enough postswhich do not require special training. Girls can get in the registration department or the secretariat. Technical centers often require plumbers, electricians and workers in other specialties. If the employer chooses you pass the probationary period established for all positions.


Visit the vacancies on the sites of majorauto and check the open positions for job seekers. Complete resume in some form and leave it on the employer Web resource. If within two weeks did not contact you, call the human resources department to find out the result of their own.

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