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How to get to the Pokrovsky Monastery

Temples Pokrovsky Monastery

Stauropegic Pokrovsky convent in Moscow at the address. Taganskaya, d. 58.

You can reach it first on the subway to the station Marxist, then either walk or use ground transportation.



The full name of the Pokrovsky Monastery in Moscow -Stauropegic Pokrovsky nunnery. It was founded by Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich in 1635, called Bozhedomskim existed first as a monastery. In subsequent years, he was repeatedly rebuilt. In 1920 the monastery was closed, the bell tower was blown up, the park was laid out on a part of the monastery grounds. In 1994 the monastery was returned to the church.


Every day, the walls of the Pokrovsky monastery a queue. Believers come to venerate the relics Matrona of Moscow, to ask for help and healing saint.


Matron Dimitrievna Nikonov was born in 1885in a peasant family. From birth she was blind, but had the foresight and the ability to heal people. Most of her life she lived in Moscow, where she died in 1952. Her grave Danilovsky cemetery became a place of pilgrimage. In 1998, the transfer of the relics was held in Pokrovsky Monastery. Soon Matrona of Moscow was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church.


To get to the Pokrovsky monastery,use the metro. Exit the station should be on Marxist. It's yellow, Kalinin line. Once outside Taganskaya have to walk 10-12 minutes, until they seem red brick walls of the monastery. At the entrance to the church, where the relics Matrona of Moscow, is usually all.


If it is difficult to walk, you can go by trolleybus (№№16, 26, 63) or bus «№№ 51, 74). Exit at the stop "Big Andronievskaya street." Pokrovsky Monastery is very close.

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