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How to get to the Moscow Zoo

Entrance to the Moscow Zoo

Moscow Zoo was founded in 1864, currently lives in it in 1150 species, and it still operates a circle of young biologists, zoo, organized in 1924.

The work of the zoo at the time could not even interrupted by the Great Patriotic War, it is today pleased Muscovites.



The easiest way to reach the capital's zoo withvia Metro. Near entertainment facilities lie just two subway lines: Ring and Violet Metro. If you are going to the zoo for the first branch, you will get to "Krasnopresnenskaya" station, if you drive on the second - to "Barrikadnaya" station. When you exit from "Krasnopresnenskaya" station you need to cross the street Bolshaya Presnya and walk about 100 meters to the zoo. If you come to the station "Barrikadnaya" when you exit the station you need to walk 150 meters, go Big Georgian street, and then you find yourself in a zoo.


The registered office of the Moscow Zoo - LargeGeorgia Street 1. For this street goes, and transportation, in particular, the message bus №116 "Belorussky Railway Station - Fili" and trolley bus number 35 "Tukhachevsky -. Tishinskaya Square." On this route vehicles you will need to get to the stop "Metro Barrikadnaya" or "zoological". From the north metropolitan zoo limited Zoological lane on which the stop "Zoologischer lane, 8". Getting to this stopping point is possible only by bus №116.


On the south side of the street is a zooKrasnaya Presnya on which the stop "Metro Krasnopresnenskaya." Before this stop, take bus №№6, 39, 64, 69, 116, 850, as well as the trolley bus number 79. This stopping point is best served by road, so it is better if you use it to them.


To get to the zoo, you can, using thetransport plying through the stop "Metro Krasnopresnenskaya", located on the street Zamorenova. After this stop shuttle bus routes №№4, 39, 69, 152 and 850, №№35 trolleybus routes and 95, as well as taxi №713m.

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