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How to get online via your phone

How to get online via your phone

It is not always at the right moment at hand is a computer or laptop, and if he is? it does not always have access to the network.

From time to time in each case,unforeseen situations, when an urgent need Internet access. Even if you do not have access to their usual provider, you can get access to the network by using your own cell phone with a positive balance on the account of and support for WAP and GPRS, which currently have almost all modern handset.

In this article you will learn how to set up internet on your mobile phone, as well as how to use the phone as a modem to connect to the network from your computer.



To connect the phone to a computer and setting the Internetand you will need to sync your phone with a computer cable and driver, if the phone is not automatically detected in the system.


Install the program on your computer that allows to adjust the Internet-Connection via your phone. For each phone model such programs vary (eg, GPRS manager). Install the driver to display the phone as a modem in the system.


Once a new device appears inWindows Device Manager, run a program manager. Wait until it is loaded, and then locate the icon that allows, among other functions of the program, to create the Internet-Connection.


Click on the appropriate button and select the type ofmobile operator for further settings. Depending on whether the operator provides you with a mobile, enter different data connection settings window.


Setting the IP-address and DNS-address, you can ask your provider, call the office or find instructions for setting up your mobile the Internetand on its official website.


After that you can connect via a modem in the phone and work in the Internetie in a normal browser that you use on your computer.


In addition, if your phone supports Java andhttp, you can browse any site directly from the phone, configuring the phone menu mobile network connection. To open the sites, set in the phone browser MiniOpera. To view the mail and communicate in ICQ, you can install additional Java-based applications.

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