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How to get to the Crimea?

How to get to the Crimea?

Due to recent developments in Crimea and massive advertising, is expected to a large number of tourists and holidaymakers in the Crimea.

No shortage of willing, but the main issue of concern to people - how to get to the Crimea?

It's no secret that through Ukraine Russians move was quite difficult, especially for those who like to ride in his car.

How to go to the Crimea, not to regret their choice?

On May Day celebrations first vacationers,wishing to spend a weekend in the Crimea, already faced with many kilometers of traffic jams in the port of Kavkaz. Many stood in line for the ferry more than a day. Of course, it can not provide a good mood, especially when you consider that when you return to the peninsula with the same difficulties will be faced in the port of Kerch.

The government is actively trying to solve this problem,trying to use several ferries for different categories of vehicles to passenger cars as little as possible were in a traffic jam. Everyone says that the ground is vital road and rail bridge across the Kerch Strait.

The optimal choice - public transport

In this holiday season, the easiest way to get to the Crimeaby public transport. To this end, developed a single ticket, including air travel, rail and bus links. Of course, not all to the liking of many transplants will fall, but today it is the most optimal way in deciding how to go to the Crimea.

Besides, the authorities promise to make prices uniformtickets are quite affordable. This is no problem where to go in the Crimea - the assurances of tour operators large and small hotels are looking forward to a rest, promising a high quality service at very reasonable prices.

If someone has the experience of a trip to the Crimea in the season, will share his impressions with those who only wants to go to the Crimea, unsubscribe in the comments.

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