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How to get to Comedy club


How to get to Comedy club</a>

Comedy Club has long gone beyond one program. Recently, a whole TV channel Comedy TV started broadcasting, which broadcasts around the clock with the residents of this incredibly popular sketch show.

Fans and those wishing to become its residents are becoming more and more.

To enable young talents to prove themselves, the producers of Comedy Club Production launched a new project.



The first season of "Kamedi Battle" was launched at the end2010 year. This program replaced the "Laughter without rules", which was rather designed for savvy professionals, who had passed a serious selection, come from numerous teams of KVN. Those participants of the show, who were ruthlessly thrown off on mats after an unsuccessful number in "Laugh ...", did not have the opportunity to reveal their potential. Many remained outside of the program without having to go through the casting.


Now every young man and girl,Having / having a lively sense of humor, but without the experience of the performance there is a real chance to get into the "Comedy Club" and all that is needed for this is to get on the "Kamedi Battle. Casting. " According to Garik Martirosyan, one of the club's hardest residents, the new project is not a forge of resident staff, it is more like an amateur performance review. And on it you can show what you can do. The brightest participants may become residents, although the organizers of the show do not set such a goal.


Once every six months, the new season of the program starts. So it was in October 2010, in July 2011, a new set of participants is planned for the new season 2011-2012. To get to the casting in Moscow, call 8-495-783-73-00. Announcements about recruitment must be "caught" in the media. It's the TNT channel, ComedyTV. You can go to the official website and track the news here: http://allcomedyclub.ru. If you are confident in your abilities and are ready to offer the show's producers a number that will kill everyone on the spot - write and send a video with the number on info@comedyclub.ru.


If you just like watching Comedy, then youThere is an opportunity to appear on the recording program as visitors at tables and look at the performance of the residents of the club. The truth is this pleasure is not cheap - from 5 000 to 16 & nbsp-000 rubles. Order tickets for the shows that will be held in GoldenPalace, the restaurant "Olivetta" can be accessed online at http://www.comedyclub.ru/projects/afisha Or by phone, indicated for a specific speech.

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