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How to get to the Comedy club

How to get to the Comedy club

Comedy Club long gone beyond a single program. Recently began broadcasting a television channel Comedy TV, which goes round the clock transmission with the participation of residents of the hugely popular sketch show.

Fans and those wishing to become its residents is growing.

To give an opportunity to young talents to express themselves, producers of Comedy Club Production launched a new project.



The first season of "Comedy Battle" was launched at the end2010. This program replaces the "laughter without rules", which was probably designed for savvy professionals who have passed a serious selection process, immigrants from many KVN. Those participants of the show, which mercilessly threw off the mat after a bad number in the "laugh ..." were not able to reach their potential. Many were left outside the transfer, without going through the casting.


Now every young man and woman,has / has a lively sense of humor, but without the experience of performing a real chance to get into the "Comedy Club" and all you need to do - get to the "Comedy Battle. Casting ". According to one of the mothers club resident Garik Martirosyan, a new project - this is not the source of manpower residents, it is rather a show of initiative. And so on it and you will be able to show what they are capable. The brightest and the participants may become residents, but the show's organizers themselves do not put this goal.


Once the new program season starts in six months. That was in October 2010, in July 2011, it is planned and a new set of members for the new season 2011-2012. To get to the casting in Moscow, call 8-495-783-73-00. Advertisements must be set to "catch" in the media. This TV channel TNT, ComedyTV. You can visit the official site and keep track of news here: http://allcomedyclub.ru. If you are confident in their abilities and are ready to offer producers the show room, which all at once on the spot - and please send email with the number on video info@comedyclub.ru.


If you just like to watch Comedy, then youIt has the opportunity to be in the recording program as visitors at the tables and look at the performance of the resident club. The truth is it is fun is not cheap - from 5 000 to 16 & nbsp-000. Tickets for the show, which will take place in GoldenPalace, restaurant "Olivetta" can be online on the page http://www.comedyclub.ru/projects/afisha or the phone number to a specific performance.

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