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How to get to the Comedy Club

To get on this show dream all young budding comedians

For several years, one of the most popular comedy show in Russia remains Comedy Club (Comedy Club).

Residents of the club - a celebrity who imitate, they want to be like.

To get to the Comedy practically means to start a career shine on national television.

However, in order to be in a famous studio, you need to make some effort.



If you want to get on the program as a viewer, you just have to buy tickets at a table. They are sold in a spectacular box office in Moscow, working order over the Internet.


To get to the Comedy Club as a residentYou can, by taking part in an open Battle-selection. Such events occasionally take place in Moscow and other large Russian cities. Typically, ads for them appear in the local newspapers, entertainment such as TV Guide and the online channel TNT.


Send videos from your number to the address indicated on the official website of the Comedy Club. Please note that residents do not enter into correspondence and does not comment on all submitted entries beginners.

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